Avicii death: How Tragic DJ died doing music and things he loved

- 4/26/2018
Avicii's death was sudden, but not entirely unexpected. But that did nothing to minimize the tragedy of it all. Another one bites the dust.  Another celebrity dies young in 2018.
Music DJ Avicii death
The chilling fact that he predicted his own demise one year before it actually occurred made the whole thing even more heartbreaking. He was just 28 Years old at the time of his death.
At the young age of 16, the world began to recognize his exceptional talent for music.  Posting his songs on music forums in his teenage years led to an offer of a record deal. And that's how Avicii was born.

The multi talented DJ,singer, music producer, and recording —  Tim Bergling —AKA, Avicii  passed away suddenly in Oman last week, while on holiday at a beach resort. 

Since the sad news of his death emerged,  a previously produced documentary based on  his phenomenal rise to fame, has been shared multiple times by his devastated fans online.
How music DJ Avicii died
Avicii performing live in France 2010
The narrative film which was released in October last year, often showed the the entertainer telling the cameras he had to stop performing live and touring because of the seriousness of his failing health. 

Avicii's health journey had been a roller coaster that has brought up more bad news that good news in the last seven years. Aged just 21 the star felt a searing pain in his stomach. He was later diagnosed with acute pancreatitis due to his excessive consumption of alcohol,energy drinks and cigarettes. Again in 2014, Avicii was taken to hospital Where his gallbladder and appendix had to be removed because of damage from his continued drinking and resulting health complications.
Singer Avicii died in Muscat Oman
This is the last known photo of Avicii taken in Muscat Oman hours before his death, he is seen here with a fan

A workaholic and a popular entertainer in high demand, the star performed at a staggering 813 shows between 2008 and 2016. That, coupled with his failing health, caused him to stop touring and live performances.

The In-demand DJ didn't seem happy about how his team recieved his decision to stop touring. He said in the documentary, which was filmed over four years up until 2016: “I have told them this. I won’t be able to play anymore.

“I have said, like, I’m going to die. I have said it so many times. And so I don’t want to hear that I should entertain the thought of doing another gig.” 

He mentioned how he suffers from anxiety before a performance, especially before his final live perperformance. 

Obviously, the singer who used alcohol to boost his own confidence before shows,  was hurting his health badly, and knew it too. 

He said he expected more support from his team and the people around him after he made the difficult but necessary decision to stop performing live,  but he was surprised that instead, they kept pressing him to keep performing.

In the video below, celebrities react to the death of Avicii.
“Everyone knows that I’ve had anxiety and that I have tried. I did not expect that people would try to pressure me into doing more gigs.
During an interview in 2016, Avicii talked about how the endless traveling and touring  he was doing all over the world, was causing him to live his life out of a suitcase. The constant travelling and partying lifestyle also caused him to exist on free booze, energy drinks, airport food, junk food and cigarettes. Even at his young age, his body couldn't bear that kind of treatment for long, and his health inevitably suffered. 

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