Black Panther wipes out Titanic's 21 year old box office record

- 4/07/2018
Who would have thought that Black Panther could go this far. The Marvel cinematic universe movie has become a record smashing cultural phenomenon that is showing no signs of slowing down.
Marvel superhero movie Black panther
Their latest superhero film starring Chadwick Boseman has broken so many box office records since its February debut.
And yet again,  another long standing Hollywood record bites the dust: Black panther has broken Titanic's 21 year record as the third highest grossing movie in the United States, pushing the James Cameron masterpiece to fourth place. Yes,  it has made almost 700 million at the box office  and there are even whispers of a 2019 Oscar!

With seemingly little effort, the film has been demolishing box office records previously held by pop culture legends like The Dark Knight and Marvel's The Avengers. Now, Panther finally overtaken the ultimate disaster blockbuster movie Titanic.
Blockbuster movie Black panther
Black panther has surpassed Titanic's box office 
Brilliantly directed by Ryan Coogler, the MCU film has pulled in a staggering total of $654.2 million at the domestic box office.

This figure officially puts it ahead of the $652.3 million Jurassic World earned  2015 and made it the number four highest earning movie ever in the US. But it it didn't stop there,  as  it went on to surpass 1997's Titanic to become the newest film in the number three spot domestic gross. Not an easy feat. 

In case you didn't know, Cameron's movie Titanic is an 11-time Oscar-winner. And for over two decades, has been a box office powerhouse with its mind boggling $659 million record.

Now that Black Panther has managed to overtake it, we are betting that the number one and two spots on the list may prove an uphill task for this blockbuster. Yep!  Those spots will certainly be much harder to clinch.

Number two spot goes to Cameron's sci-fi adventure film Avatar, coming in at $760.5 million, while the number one spot goes to 2015's Star Wars: The Force Awakens which  reigns over the pack with a huge margin of $936.6 million.

But nobody ever thought Black panther would go this far. So let's not write T'Challa  and Wakanda off just yet. It could do the deed right before our very eyes. 

Fans are really going crazy over this movie. That's how some ingenious fans used some 90's stars to recast Black Panther. See what you make of their choices. I personally think it's brilliant!

Tom Hanks as Special Agent Ross
Eddie Murphy as W'Kabi
Lawerence Fishbourne as Zuri
Isaiah Washington as N'Jobu
Halle Berry as Nakia
Jamie Foxx as Kilmonger
Will Smith as T'Challa
Angela Bassit as Okoye
Jada Pinket as Shuri
Morgan Freeman as T'Chaka
Nichelle Smith as Ramonda

See what I mean?


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