Greatest basketball players: Scottie Pippen slams Isiah Thomos for Lebron James and Michael Jordan comparison

- 4/17/2018
No doubt about it, he was one of the greatest partners Jordan ever had on the court, and also one of the greatest sidekicks in NBA history. That's probably why former Chicago Bulls all-round forward and legend Scottie Pippen got all hot and bothered when another basketball player stated that Lebron was a better player than Jordan ever was.
Greatest basketball players ever
For that statement,Pippen lashed out immediately at his fellow basketball Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas, the former Detroit Pistons point guard.
Thomas's bold remarks that he would side with LeBron James over Michael Jordan in a match-up, didn't sit well with Pippen at all. 

On Friday, Pippen made an intense defence of his legendary former teammate when he made an appearance on ESPN’s The Jump. Then, the towering Chicago bulls icon, ripped into Isiah Thomas.
Basketball player Lebron James
Lebron has been compared to Jordan for years
Apparently, he was already fed up with the never ending comparison between the two basketball gods, past and present.

Who are the greatest basketball players ever? And who ranks number one amongst the best. Here are some parts of what Pippen said:

“Michael Jordan is the greatest player to ever put on shoes and play in our game,” Pippen said. “I’m always asked to compare him to LeBron, and I try to make the best of it. But really, the comparison shouldn’t ever be made.”

“There’s no game I would ever play in and pick LeBron James over Michael Jordan,” Pippen said. “No game.”
Basketball player Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan 1988 Slam dunk championship 
The pair certainly had one of the most fairytale-like run in the history of the game. During their playing days with the  Bulls, Jordan and Pippen won six NBA titles together. Their Proffesional relationship was forged forever by their hard, but rewarding  journey towards each of the several successful seasons they had in Chicago as teammates of one of the hottest teams in the league. So it only makes sense that Pippen who rode the rough and hard tides of basketball at its highest level, will know what it means to win alongside a winner and soar alongside a champion like Jordan.

He was truly passionate in his defense of  Jordan, although both men have long retired from the game. 
Chicago bulls Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan
Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan won 6 championships together with Chicago Bulls 
Finally Pippen made it sound like Thomas wasn't just giving his opinion on Jordan and Lebron's basketball abilities, but mostly envious of Jordan's incomparable accomplishments and lasting legacy. 

Whatever anyone thinks of says though—I know that both ball players are not just two of the best the NBA has ever produced, but also some of the greatest athletes in history of Sports.

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