How a celebrity like the Rock Dwayne Johnson deals with depression

- 4/15/2018
His smile can light up a room, and even your life. Just catching a glimpse of the big man can be a quick and lasting dose of inspiration.
But did you know that even a solid looking character like the Rock Dwayne Johnson  himself can suffer from that deep,dreaded and all consuming sadness known as depression?
The Rock Dwayne Johnson
We all know that Johnson is well known for his bulging physique,incomparable smile, and larger-than-life action star movie roles. But how can a charismatic and bankable star like Johnson, who seems to posses that rare Midas touch, suffer these mental health issues? I mean he seems to have everything going for him right? 
Yes, but even a fit, good looking celebrity who is a well known family man and is currently one of the most successful and influential Hollywood actors in the world, can still struggle with mental health.

 Dwayne revealed his struggle— decades-long battle with depression. But in typical fashion, the former pro wrestler gave insight on how he successfully handles the sadness when it hits him.
Former wrestler the Rock Dwayne Johnson
The former Pro wrestler has suffered decades of depression 
While promoting his next movie Rampage, during a recent interview, The Rock sat down with entertainment blogger Xilla Valentine. I mean, appearing like such a happy guy with no worries, Xilla asked him a question: how does he deal with being sad? 

And here is the Rock's technique in dealing with depression:

"My knee-jerk reaction to sadness is some sort of action," Dwayne said. "That way I can not think about the shit that's making me sad, and in a way, I can just energetically get it out." He says he likes to hit the gym or do any kind of physical activity that will make him sweat. But exercise isn't the only way he copes.

"Sometimes my own form of therapy is, I can stew in the sad a little bit," he added. "I'll put on some music that I know is going to keep the sad train going and then I gotta get in it, so I do that."
Action movie star Dwayne Johnson
The Hollywood actor revealed his technique for dealing with depression 

Johnson later tweeted that the last thing he expected to be asked at the interview was how he deals with being sad. But he said he was glad to share his impressive technique.

Finally, The amazing thing is that how Dwayne Johnson deals with his down times and bad moods is something we can all easily relate to. Sometimes you just have to throw yourself into some positive mood improving action. And sometimes it helps to just let the sadness just wash over you and out of your system—a little soulful music wouldn't hurt either. 

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