Watch Sophia the Robot snub actor Will Smith romantic advances during hilarious date(video)

- 4/01/2018
What is it with Will Smith, Robots and Aliens? Whether in movies or in Real life, they just don't seem to get along. Even when the Hollywood A Lister goes out of his way and makes a big move to be civil, friendly—or romantic?

Will Smith and Sophia the robot date
Mr Smith has had some big wins in his life and career, but recently, the actor suffered his worst defeat at the hands of non other than—a robot. A cyborg to be precise.

Yes, I'm talking about Sophia the Robot and actor Will Smith. She actually turned down his romantic advances and put the IRobot star in his place. (The friend Zone).

This incredible Artificial intelligence robot, firmly let Will know that friendship was all he was going to get from her, when the star presumptuously leaned in for a kiss, with the eerily realistic robot.

The Hilarious episode was entirely in the 49 year old actor's comedic zone.

Actor Will Smith meets the humanoid robot Sophia
Will Smith leans in for a kiss
Will Smith leans in for a kiss with Sophia the robot

On Instagram, he shared a video of his date with Sophia.

Where he explained that Sophia “represents state of the art Artificial Intelligence.” After thanking @hansonrobotics for setting up the date, he added, “She is a super advanced humanoid robot capable of showing over 60 different human expressions — interpreting human language and human emotion.”

Well, you better believe it. Watching her and seeing how life-like she acts, can often make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. That's how well a job Hansonrobotics have done with their state of the art Humanoid creation.

Here a video that shows how this odd couple's date transpired. Sitting at a table with a beautiful view, Smith and Sophia share an intimate conversation in the Cayman Islands. To our astonishment, the robot is able to respond to Smith in simple sentences, and her face expresses real human emotions. I mean, if not for her clear and transparent head, you could easily have mistaken her for a real person.

But still, since she is still in development—a work in progress, the technology isn’t perfect and the video is full of funny, uncomfortable moments that Smith expertly mines for comedic value. It is hilarious, but they seem to have a spark between them. Real chemistry.Lol!

As their really strange date draws to an end, the emboldened Smith leans in for a kiss, but he is stopped in his tracks(not by a Karate chop) but by a very human-like let down. Sophia responds, “I think we can be friends, let’s hang out and get to know each other for a little while.”

To cover his embarrassment, Smith explains the rebuff. “[Sophia’s] been in development for over two years, “She’s a learning artificial intelligence. But she wouldn’t kiss me, so there’s probably some development flaws they need to work on. But we’ll meet again Sophia.”

Sophia of course has been gaining popularity for several months now. She is a celebrity in her own right. And she's meeting with a lot of other (Human) celebs. Like when she got into a feud with Chrissy Teigen, after the star criticized her makeup.

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