Actor Morgan Freeman, the down fall of another Hollywood legend

- 5/27/2018
Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman has found himself in hot water. Yes I know downfall might be too strong a term to use at this point, but judging by how other Hollywood and entertainment icons have fared in the recent harassment finger pointing rocking the industry, I must say, it will be hard to bounce back from this.
Disgraced Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman
He is one of the most recognizable faces and possesses one of the most recognizable voices in showbiz. We have all come to love his authoritative but soothing tones in countless voice-overs. He has voiced everything from announcements on the Vancouver public transport system to the robot butler in the home of Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg.

Freeman with Step-granddaughter 17 year old E'Dena Hines  
But it appears that his incredible legacy has unexpectedly gone up in smoke. Disgraced Actor Freeman unfortunately, is now the latest Hollywood star to be named as a sexual Harasser.
It all began after a young, female relative of the actor died, and the old news of them being lovers resurfaced. The new accusations come on top of long-standing claims that he entered into a very questionable relationship with his step-granddaughter E’Dena Hines, with allegations that they became lovers when he was 62 and she was just 17. Freeman denies this.
Disgraced Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman
Morgan Freeman is one of the most influential and respected actors in the world 
Just like comedian Bill Cosby, actor Kevin Spacer and several others accused by many men and women, Freeman's life as a revered actor is in serious danger of being irreparably tarnished forever. The actor, who next week turns 81, is probably best known for his stirring performance as an ageing jailbird in The Shawshank Redemption, one of the most moving films about the injustice done to men wrongly kept behind bars.

He didn't deny it. Yet Freeman’s questionable behaviour appears little in doubt on this occasion, for he offered an apology when the accusations were barely out of the newsreader’s mouth.

The number of accusers so far is alarmingly high. Eight women have told the broadcaster CNN that Freeman sexually harassed them or behaved inappropriately on film sets, at his production company and even at press events. Another eight people said they witnessed his inappropriate treatment of others.

A major pause for an entertainment elite. For a Tinseltown elder statesman, whose name has become almost a byword for principled respectability — he has been cast as Nelson Mandela and even as God — the allegations are devastating.

One particular woman, who worked as a production assistant on the set of the comedy Going In Style in the summer of 2015, claimed she experienced months of harassment from him, while they worked together on a movie. She was then in her early 20s and Freeman was 78. Two years later, and eight accusers so far, Morgan's career is all but over.

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