Avicii committed suicide by cutting himself with broken bottle

- 5/02/2018
The world is still reeling from Avicii's death, and his numerous fans still can't believe he's gone. The super talented DJ lived a very short life. And it has now emerged that he died a gruesome death. Making the already tragic story even more so, it's been revealed that the Swedish disc jockey died from to massive blood loss from a self-inflicted injury, right inside his hotel room.
Avicii cause of death
Entertainment news website TMZ first released the reports on how the star died while holidaying at a beach resort in Muscat Oman.

The World famous entertainer whose real name was Tim Bergling, was found dead on April 20. After preliminary investigations, security authorities said there was no foul play involved in his death, ruling it as suicide.

After he died, his family flew his body back home to Sweden. They released an open letter to the public saying the 28-year-old  'could not go on any longer and wanted peace'.

The letter, signed by 'The Family', described Avicii as a 'fragile artistic soul and a sensitive guy not made for the machinery he ended up in'.

 Initially a spokesperson for the late singer, declined to comment whether the DJ took his own life. But new updates on the nature of his demise has revealed he was responsible for his own death,  which he carried out by cutting himself with a broken wine bottle and bleeding to death. 
DJ Avicii died from suicide
Avicii's health deteriorated after years of life on tour
Following the shocking news,  it was revealed that Avicii had been in an intimate and committed relationship with a Tereza Kačerová, a Czech-American model. He also happened to be a step-father to her 5 year old son.

In a heartbreaking Instagram post, Ms Kačerová revealed—with pictures, how close and happy they were together before he died. They had even been planning on having children of their own in the near future. The photos showed how much of a dotting father figure he was to her son. 

She writes: 'Every time I think about something we won't finish I feel physical pain in my heart.

In 2011 Avicii shot to global fame with the release of his EDM hit-single Levels. But to the disappointment of his team, his serious health issues caused him to withdraw from live touring in 2016. 

The extreme and relentless pressure of performing up to 320 shows in a single year, meant that he was on the road working almost everyday of the year. The hard work Combined with the drinking,junk food and poor sleep also meant that his health took a major hit from which he never recovered.

Using alcohol as a means to battle his crippling anxiety and stage fright, the self confessed introvert depended more and more on the fiery liquid and energy drinks until his health deteriorated from the unhealthy onslaught.
Dead DJ Avicii
Avicii performed over 320 shows a year 
When he was just 21 he was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis - which is a potentially life-threatening condition where the pancreas are inflamed as a result of heavy drinking.

Unfortunately,  his worries were only just beginning. In 2014, Bergling was hospitalised and his gallbladder and appendix had to be removed.

At the height of his fame in 2014, Avicii was making $250,000 a night, and ended up raking  in $28 million for that year alone making him one of the highest paid entertainers in the world.
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