Here are the top 10 highest rated Star wars movies ever( video)

- 5/19/2018
Have you ever wondered which are the highest rated Star Wars movies in the super successful franchise? As it turns out, filling Harrison Ford's shoes isn't as easy as it sounds. Even though "Solo A Star Wars Story" doesn't come to theaters until May 25, but the dreary reviews are already in — and unfortunately, the Force doesn't seem to be strong in this standalone "Star Wars" movie. Being Hans Solo cant be easy, especially after Ford's iconic performances.
highest rated star wars movies
solo a star wars story is one of the lowest rated star wars movies ever
Dreary might be too strong a word, but it sure did not live up to hopes and expectations the multi-billion dollar movie franchise is known for. That's bad for a "Star Wars" movie. While it's the worst score in the series, it comes pretty close. In case you didn't know, the worst-reviewed movie in the saga so far is the hugely expensive, but disappointing  "The Phantom Menace" . But Solo is still the lowest since "Attack of the Clones" in 2002.

  Jason Guerrasio of Business Insider described it this way.  "Solo's" third act lags and that it's the first "Star Wars" movie to make him worried about franchise fatigue.

"The conclusion of the movie is stale, filled with clich├ęs, and tries too hard to set the foundation for future 'Solo' movies by featuring one of the most random cameos you'll ever see in a movie," Guerrasio said in his earnest review.

Rolling Stone's Peter Travers was also underwhelmed with "Solo."  said the movie was "dull" and plays it too safe.

"Somehow Han Solo — the roguish 'Star Wars' hellion famous for breaking all the rules — finds himself in a feel-good movie that doesn't break any," Travers wrote.
Another reviewer explained that  "Solo" wasn't the worst "Star Wars" movie, "just the one with the least compelling reason to exist." Pretty hilarious way of saying a movie is lousy!
But what does Rotten Tomatoes think about it all? This is how "Solo" stacks up against other "Star Wars" movies?  Here are the scores or the highest ranking Star wars movies ever.

10. Phantom menace- 1999. 55%

9.  Attack of the Clones- 2002. 66%

8. Solo                            -2017.  72%

7. Revenge of the Sith    -2005. 79%

6. Return of the Jedi       -1983. 80%

5. Rouge One                  -2016.  85%

4. The last Jedi               -2017.  91%

3. The Force awakens     -2015.  93%

2. A new hope                 -1977. 93%

1. Empire Strikes back     -1980. 95%
star wars movie
Star wars movie franchise is a multi-billion dollar blockbuster
 Some pretty impressive numbers over the years, but sadly the latest addition to the blockbuster franchise is Solo A Star Wars story, isn't sitting pretty at a 72% Rotten Tomatoes rating.


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