Hollywood actor Will Smith gets back in rap game with new Fifa world cup video

- 5/24/2018
He is reputed to be one of the few entertainers  successful in three genres of showbiz. And yet it's been 13 years since he released his last music album.
hollywood actor will smith
But that doesn't mean Hollywood actor Will Smith  has lost his touch. The mega star delighted fans and shocked rivals when he released  new music on Wednesday, debuting a video from inside the recording studio, 'Stop the divorce rumors, and mind your damn business,' he raps on the surprise track. Obviously referring to the rumors that have been swirling around his marriage with long time partner Jeda Pinkett.
 And it was non other than the biggest show in the world that convinced Mr. Smith to come out of retirement. Earlier it was announced that the 49-year-old multi hyphenate would be performing the official 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia song.

He was as impressive as ever. It could be clearly seen sid not dampen his skills, as  he showed off his linguistic agility in the video as he rapped lines such as, 'Rappers make it rain, let that money hit you, if i throw my money up, I probably kill a stripper.'
Not know for using swear lyrics in his songs. Big Willie Style may not have needed to cuss to sell records back in the 90s and early 2000s, but in 2018 he has decided to change up his vocabulary, as he dropped multiple curse words in the revival track.

hollywood actor and rapper wiill smith
Will Smith is back with new music for Fifa
Wearing a navy blue polo with white stripes, the Bad Boys actor interacted with others in the studio throughout the course of the three-minute clip.
Smith will be getting jiggy with it on the global stage this summer, as Billboard reported he and 'Nicky Jam, together with Albanian singer Era Istrefi, will perform the official 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia song.'
Watch out for the new video that will mark the theme for the upcoming football fiesta. The outlet added that, 'the track will be produced by Diplo and is slated for release May 25.' 
They certainly made a great choice. FIFA confirmed the news in an official statement, and added in an official statement 'Fans will have enough time to learn the lyrics as Live It Up will be released on multiple streaming platforms this Friday, May 25. The FIFA World Cup official music video will be available as of June 7.'

hip hop artiste and actor will smith
Superstar Will Smith has not released music in 13 years
The multi talented and multi Grammy Award-winning actor, songwriter and artist said it had been a privilege to have been involved in the collaboration with the world football governing body.
In the actor's own words, It's an honor to be asked to perform at the 2018 FIFA World Cup,' he said.
Before his 13 year old hiatus from the music scene, Will Smith was a force to reckon with in the Hip Hop circle. Fans were devastated when the man who once boasted about starting a Grammy chess board, went of the music grid, to focus on his ballooning Hollywood career.

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