Rihanna shows of hairy legs and stretchmarks in steamy bikini photos

- 5/04/2018
She might be one of the most popular celebrities in the world, but Rihanna like a lot of us, cannot wait for summer, and all the intrigue that comes with it.  Who says the sun is no fun? We certainly can't blame the singer for her longing. It's quite understandable.
Singer Rihanna bikini body photos now
Rihanna: beautiful, flawed and perfect 
For those of us living in the gloomier and colder parts of the world, the idea of a few weeks and months of stimulating sunlight is a dream.

But not to worry the Barbadian singer seems to have found warmer weather, and used the opportunity to showcase some of her bodily flaws. Rihanna?  Flaws!  I'm not kidding. I'm talking hairy legs and stretch marks!

Ever seen those impossibly smooth skinned, blemish free music video babes and Adonis? As well as the Gorgeous supermodels and flawless celebs on our TV screens and Magazine covers? Is that look really possible?  Absolutely. Is it always realistic without a little help?  Certainly not!

The perception of our body image by every generation seems to be shaped by whatever trend of trend manipulator that exist at the time. I mean,  there was actually a time when freckles and hairy limbs where considered sexy. But these days, its a social deathwish.
Rihanna bikini body
Singer Rihanna shows off body hairs in hot bikini pics 
What a lot of people fail to realize, is that these days, technology and beauty often have a love affair. When combined smartly, the results can be stunning—but when, like in every relationship, they separate, then reality often dawns.

Like in the case of The infamous Kim Kardashian un-airbrushed butt that caused the reality star alot of grief, as over a hundred thousand fans called her fake and stopped following her on social media.

But here comes Rihanna with her usual twist. We were still reeling from her beautiful weight gain that many criticized, but eventually got hooked on, when the pop star and fashion and beauty entrepreneur hit us with sexy bikini pics of herself sunbathing.
Singer Rihanna stretchmarks
The beautiful pop singer was praised by fans for her positive body image after she showcased her stretchmarks in bikini photos 
At first glance, you may only notice RiRi's trademark beauty and breathtaking hotness.  Her natural long locks fanning her face, and her curvaceous figure wrapped in a wild animal-print bottom. 

Quick to complement their idol, her adoring fans praised her beauty, commenting on how hot she looked. 

But here comes the inevitable eagle-eyed fans  who spotted a bit of hair, speculating that Rihanna didn’t shave her legs for the photo opp. “ l love the fact that her legs are hairy!” 

Some of her numerous Twitter fans reacted by declaring that the coming holidays should be a 'NoShaveSummer'.

Right now it doesn't seem to matter if it was a trick of light that created the appearance of hair on her thighs  or streaks on her butt that appeared like stretchmarks. All that matters is that lots of fans where inspired by her positive body image and praised her for her confidence and inspiration.

The photos have been liked over 3 million times. 

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