Between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton this is the most attractive Royal

- 6/16/2018
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are a stunning couple. The former suits actress and the ginger haired Royal now good the title of Duke and Duchess of Sussex after their Royal wedding bash. 

The beautiful actress from LA has reportedly become good friends with Kate Middleton, the wife of Prince William, Harry's older brother.
Most attractive Royal in Britain
But the two women who are the closest people to come close to the flamboyance that Princess Diana had during her life, come from different walks of life. And now the inevitable questions and comparison between the two have come up.  Who is the most attractive Royal? For the women—Kate or Meghan?
Meghan Markle most attractive Royal in Britain
Meghan Markle was voted the most attractive female Royal in Britain 
They also met their husbands in completely different ways. While privately educated Kate is a hockey enthusiast, and met her husband while studying History of Art at one of the UK’s most prestigious universities, American actress Meghan met Harry on a blind date at a  private club in London.

Now if you were to chose, which of the two gorgeous ladies is considered the best catch?

Well heres a tip- Users of married dating site Ashley Madison were asked to vote who they found most attractive of all the British royals, male and female.

Not surprisingly, Men overwhelmingly stated that they found Meghan Markle the most desirable. A staggering 54 per cent picking the feminist actress as the hottest female Royal.
Kate Middleton second most attractive Royal
Kate Middleton was voted second most attractive Royal by 27 percent voters
On the other hand, a not too shabby 27 per cent of men who responded to the survey found Kate Middleton the most attractive.

However, Meghan and Kate were not the only two royal women users of the website took a fancy too.
The 53 year old Sophie, Countess of Wessex, was voted the most attractive by 10 per cent of voters. Among the men, Prince Harry was voted the most Attractive male Royal, while Prince William came in a distant second.

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