Daniel Craig trains vigorously to play James Bond as 007 role requires super fit actor

- 6/20/2018
Roger Moore played the British superspy well into his 50s—no easy task.  Most Bond fans don't realize the sheer physical demand of the 007 role. And after James Bond star Daniel Craig accepted to play the spy one more time, he is now on a mission... to get himself into fighting shape as soon as possible.
Daniel Craig James Bond actor
He was much younger when he took on the role in his first movie Casino Royale.  The 50-year-old actor wants to replicate the famous chiseled physique he sported then. And he intends to get this done by the time he starts filming his fifth and final 007 movie in December 2018.

Craig was spotted in New York recently heading for the gym, clearly in preparation for his upcoming Bond movie. 

According to a Bond insider Daniel “is determined to look as good in his last Bond film as he did in the first”.

Entirely possible, but biologically requiring a lot more work. But we have no doubt he'll pull it off. Craig is notorious for his meticulous and dedication preparations before and during the filming. Extreme workouts, strict diets and early nights are only some of the things the actor routinely carries out when the cameras start to roll. 

The results could be seen for the first in the  film Casino Royale, in which a lean and mean Daniel stepped out of the sea in a pair of skimpy blue trunks.

007 actor Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig first appeared as Bond in Casino Royale 
He's not wasting any time. The source said: “Filming begins in December and he’s already got a list of procedures and beauty treatments, strict diets and training schedules.

Clearly,  Daniel intends to look every inch as good as he did 12 years ago. So he has hooked up with personal trainer Simon Waterson, who helped him train and prepare for his past Bond movies. 

Simon puts him on strict five-day-a-week 
workouts that last 45 minutes each with no breaks inbetween. And drinking alcohol is only allowed on weekends. 

In Craig's own words: "I want to look like I could kill someone when I take my shirt off.”

He certainly looked like that in his previous Bonds, and we would love to see him do it all again for his Grand Finale. 
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