Goodbye hair and beard: Kit Harington of Game of thrones will change his Jon Snow look

- 6/27/2018
Congratulations are in order Kit. But 'You still Know nothing Jon Snow'. At least in Real life the gorgeous television actor got married to his beloved looking exactly like his popular TV character. We hate to be the bearer of sad news, but all good things must change, or come to an end.  Meaning,  you won't be able to watch Game of Thrones star Kit Harington brood, fight battles, and win hearts as Jon Snow forever.
Game of thrones actor kit Harington
It's finally going to end after the final battles as the hotly anticipated drama cumulates on who finally sits on the Iron throne— After defeating the Army of the dead of course.

By the end of 2019, Snow and all your other favorite citizens of Westeros will have long left your TV screen and gone on to other projects. 

This comes with some dramatic changes in appearance. Unfortunately for Harington, that means having to revamp his entire look, because — if you hadn't noticed already — he's a dead ringer for his character both on-screen and off... even when he's not swathed in several layers of heavy animal fur and looking downcast, vulnerable and powerful all at once.

The actor, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, explained the unavoidable change and his feelings towards shaving of his beard and trimming his glorious locks. 

 Harington explains that he's prepared to go "short-short," whatever that means. "The beard will be harder to get rid of — I quite like the beard," he told the publication. "I like having the long hair and beard both, but it will be like a ritualistic thing. I can’t go into my next role looking the same. This role was brilliant, but I’ll need to get rid of Jon Snow."
Kit Harington plays Jon Snow in Game of thrones
Kit Harrington as Jon Snow in hit TV series Game of thrones 

For now we can still enjoy him in the season finale. With the last season of the series fast approaching, Snow Harington is already gearing up to shed his iconic role for good before we've even had a chance to say goodbye. Luckily, there are plenty of bobbleheads out there in the world to carry on his hairy memory .

At least until we get shocked by the drastic change that might occur in his appearance in for his next role, at least let's enjoy Jon Snow for the last time in the upcoming season finale of Game of thrones.
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