See amazing Wedding gift Queen Elizabeth II presented to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

- 6/06/2018
Want to give the New Royal Couple a gift?  You can, but don't be shocked when it is returned. It can be a precarious maze of Royal protocol when it comes to gifting Meghan Markle and Prince Harry—or any other member of the British Royal family for that matter.
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wedding

The couple received plenty of incredible wedding presents to celebrate their union, but one was reportedly much more extravagant than the rest, with Queen Elizabeth II gifting the couple a country home!

According to reports by Metro, the monarch gifted the couple the beautiful and Historic York Cottage, which is located on the 20,000-acre Sandringham Estate. The estate is about 110 miles northeast of Kensington Palace in Norfolk.

The amazing gift lines up with the Queen's "habit of giving property," royal biographer Duncan Larcombe revealed. 
A history of gifting stunning properties. According to records, The monarch has previously gifted Sunninghill Park to Prince Andrew, Birkhall to Prince Charles, and Anmer Hall to Prince William and Kate Middleton.
Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Harry Royal wedding
Queen Elizabeth II gifted the Royal couple the beautiful York Cottage 
Fit for a royal couple. York Cottage has quite a history, and has seen an impressive list of occupants over the last 120 years. It was occupied for 33 years by Queen Elizabeth II's grandparents King George V and Queen Mary after their marriage in 1893. Back then, The couple recieved the title the Duke and Duchess of York, so the cottage was renamed in their honor, according to reports by the Telegraph .
Duke and duchess of Sussex Prince Harry and Meghan royal wedding
The new Duke and Duchess of Sussex Prince Harry and Meghan Markle kiss after Royal wedding 

After the Royal wedding, it was revealed that Harry and Meghan who have become the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex reportedly returned or turned down a most of over $9 million worth of wedding gifts they received
 This was not a personal choice,  but it was due to royal protocol to avoid allowing the couple to give any brand free publicity.

The Royal couple reportedly recieved tons of gifts from celebrities and companies from all over the world but had to return most of them.

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