Confession in Tupac's murder case brings breakthrough finally

- 7/07/2018
According to a Las Vegas source,  an arrest in the long running Tupac Shakur murder case may finally happen. 
Tupac's murder case
About 21 years ago the controversial and  legendary rapper was killed in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas after he left a Mike Tyson fight. The shocking murder has been unsolved since 1996.

But recently and quite unexpectedly,  a break has come, after a confession in a new documentary.

On that fateful night, a man named Duane Keith Davis says he was in the car when a fellow passenger and relative, Orlando Anderson, shot and killed Shakur. Although Anderson was questioned by police back then,  he had always denied any involvement in the shooting. Unfortunately before further proof could be gathered, he was killed in a gang shootout two years later in 1998.

According to retired Las Vegas senior Homicide detective Phil Ramos, it was a known thing back then but no proof.  "It was pretty much common knowledge who did it,"  he said. 

Ramos says detectives zeroed in on Anderson as a potential suspect soon after the shots were fired; however, the case hit roadblocks and went cold.

"It's kind of a given gang members don't talk to cops, especially in murder cases," said Ramos, "that's what happened on this case."

But everything changed when Anderson's relative, Davis, dropped that bombshell in a TV interview.

Davis confessed he was in the same car as Anderson allegedly opened fire on Sept. 7, 1996.
Legendary rapper Tupac Shakur murder
Tupac was gunned down in a drive by shooting in Las Vegas in 1996
The reason he is now coming forward? He said he is opening up now because he has terminal cancer.

Ramos says detectives have to corroborate everything considering Davis's past.
"He was reluctant," said Ramos, "told cops a whole different story in the beginning."

Although Las Vegas police are still keeping their lips sealed for the moment, it is now a great possibility that the new confession will solve—finally Tupac's murder which is one of the most high-profile murder cases of all time. 

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