Marriage Tension between David Beckham and Victoria builds as pair live separately

- 7/01/2018
They became the celebrity couple everyone envied. Amazing careers, Incredible legacies,great wealth and fame. Along with successful global brand and adorable kids they seemed a match made for the record books. But now,  David Beckham and Victoria Beckham  have hit a terrible patch in their two decade old marriage. According to insiders, it is so bad now the couple prefer living their lives separately. 
David Beckham and Victoria Beckham
A-lister  and former Spice Girl Victoria is a very busy woman. Running her booming fashion empire, taking care of her four kids, and maintaining her chic image all require a lot of hard work.

But from what the power couple say to the media and the cute photos we see on their social media pages, its impossible to guess the coldness that goes on behind closed doors.

In a recent interview for instance, here is what Victoria said about balancing her busy life and family. It's straight out of a near perfect world.

"I try really, really hard," the designer formerly known as Posh Spice confessed at the Forbes Women's Summit on June 19. "I try hardest to be the best mother. I am trying to be the best wife and the best professional. When I get home, I try to put the phone down and spend time with the children and spend time with David."
Celebrity couple David Beckham and Victoria Beckham
David Beckham and Victoria Beckham have had a near fairytale marriage 
Unfortunately, when it comes to their relationship, things have gotten really difficult. She and her husband, soccer legend David Beckham, are having trouble keeping their marriage strong. "Victoria and David are leading separate lives," says a source. In the weeks leading up to their 19th wedding anniversary on July 4. 

Another insider revealed that he wouldn't be surprised if the pair announce a divorce soon as the pair—David, 43 and Victoria, 44 are always at each other's throats. 

Former footballer and famous hunk David Beckham spends most of his time in the US. mostly in LA and Miami. But Victoria prefers being in the UK. 
Former Spice Girls Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham spends more time in the UK while David spends most of his time in the US
Friends have confessed that when they do spend time together, the tension between them is Apparant. Although for the sake of appearances, they still post cosy pics on social media. But the reality is quite different. The formerly loved up pair, can't seem to stand each other now.

Now here is a twist to the story—In Touch reported that the Beckhams are living separate lives, but Gossip cop slammed the rumours claiming the celeb couple are stronger than ever. Their separate busy schedules doesn't necessarily mean that they are having trouble. To me Nelstormers? They seem pretty cool and okay. But let's keep our fingers crossed. Will let you know if anything changes. Love the Beckhams!

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