Singer Britney Spears performs through wardrobe malfunction after her top slips off

- 7/15/2018
When you are a music megastar with a legion of fans, it's hard to keep the party going when you miss a step. Especially the kind of incident that can be embarrassingly beyond your control. But the show must go on, and the craving fans need to be appeased. And that it what happened to pop singer Britney Spears -- after she suffered a minor wardrobe malfunction while performing on stage. 
Britney Spears wardrobe malfunction
When Spears noticed her slipped costume, she took a moment to try to adjust her top without stopping her act.
But her efforts where useless. One of her nipples still remained exposed as she finished performing her song "Freakshow" in Maryland on Friday night. Although her sparkly, black bra failed to do its job, she kept on dancing.

The popular pop star was in Maryland for her Piece of Me Tour, with a two-night performance at the MGM National Harbor.

This is not the first time celebrities have suffered mishaps while on stage. From Prince falling through a paper stage prop he assumed was real, to Beyonce bleeding, to Ed Sheeran's toilet mishap, and...the list goes on. 

Inspite of numerous personal problems which often threatened to stall her career, Spears has often been praised for her incredible work ethic. Her current tour comes after an immensely successful tour in Sin City, where her show titled "Britney: Piece of Me" earned a staggering $140 million after just four years and a total of 250 amazing performances.
She ruled in the city of lights. Last year, the hardworking star commanded the highest ticket price of any Vegas production show -ever. It cost $855 each for all the VIP treatment. It ultimately became one of the most successful Vegas residencies of all time, particularly with a much-sought-after younger crowd who adore Spears and her addictive lyrics. 

 Bottom line is that Britney Spears has made her famous 2013 lyrics her personal yardstick for work and success. And It seems to be doing her a world of good.

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