Why Mark Hamil found it difficult playing Luke Skywalker in Star Wars the Last Jedi

- 7/06/2018
It may be one of the most successful movies in Hollywood box office history, but Star Wars the Last Jedi is still a hard pill to swallow for many reasons. At least one actor who is the main Attraction, didn't think so. 
Mark Hamil Star Wars
Mark Hamil was the previous hero from the original trilogy which started the groundbreaking  Franchise. Part of the original cast, he returned at the end of Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens. However, he didn't utter a single word until its sequel.

And here, we see him as a grumpy old man who is disillusioned with everything from his past, including himself. His transformation went from idealistic and optimistic warrior, to jaded recluse, to eventual pacifist hero at his death.

In a candid statement about his feeling playing Skywalker one last time, Hamill explained to ET Canada how he disagreed with how the character's resolve had digressed, saying, "I said, you know, even if I did something ghastly like picking the wrong young student, that I would redouble my efforts. I wouldn’t just go off to an island for 30 years.”

Most fans are divided. While of the film's legion of followers argue that people change with time, thus this character depiction is a brilliant example of that fact, a simple counterargument of this is that people don't change, which when applied has declared that point moot.
Mark Hamil Star Wars movie actor
Mark Hamil found the Last Jedi storyline unsatisfactory 
Many felt disappointed, and Luke Skywalker's depiction in the Last Jedi was a major bone of contention for many Star Wars fans. This is one Star Wars movie that had fans divided right down the middle.

Speaking about how tough it was to play the role because he primarily disagreed with it, he nevertheless had to personally work hard to get himself into a mindset to play this new Luke Skywalker. 
Star Wars the last Jedi
Even with the new generation, Hamil was still the movie's main attraction 
"I mean, it was tough on me, because I was sort of old school George Lucas, and you have to make way for the new generation." he said. "So I had to figure out, ‘how can I best make this work?’ And there’s lots of backstory I made up for myself."

Hamil knew he was meant to usher in the next generation to continue the franchise. A sort of passing over the torch with as much grace as possible. Harrison Ford's Character Hans Solo had done that in the Force awakens, by dying unexpectedly and I must add—rather unceremoniously. This time it was Hamil's turn. 

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