Why Meghan Markle can't eat favourite meals while visiting Queen in Buckingham Palace

- 7/31/2018
Things have really changed for former Suits actress Meghan Markle since she became royalty. Her food choices being one of them. They are severely limited when she's with the Queen.
Meghan Markle and Queen of England
A change of life came with major adjustments. The Duchess of Sussex could no longer eat several of her favorite food after she officially becomes a royal. According to a report, Markle Who loves Pasta,  could not eat her favorite Spaghetti and potato meals when she's in the Buckingham Palace.
The Queen has her rules, it's her domain after all.  In an interview with royal chef Darren McGrady, he revealed that Queen Elizabeth banned pasta, rice and potatoes on her menu at Buckingham Palace. The Queen's carb ban is a personal choice. The monarch has stayed away from pasta and has never ever had rice or potatoes on the palace menu. Wow!  Some of my favorite too. Wonder what is ON the menu then?

Of course this means that Markle should take her mind off favorite dishes when she visits the palace. She cannot eat potato and pasta when she visits the Queen.
In a past interview with Delish, the Duchess revealed that her go-to-meal is a pasta dish with slow-cooked courgette. Yummy! But no deal in Buckingham Palace. The former "Suits" actress even described the dish as "filthy, sexy mush." But she'd have to hold her cravings and possibly develop new ones now she's a royal. 

But the no eat list goes further. Aside from potatoes and pasta, Markle is no longer allowed to eat garlic. The members of the royal family are strongly discouraged from eating this, for the obvious reasons of course. Although it's a super health food, garlic has a unique and prevalent aroma that blankets the eater(and anyone who gets close) long after the meal. 

According to Chef McGardy: "We can never serve anything with garlic or too much onions. The Queen would never have garlic on the menu," He said. 
Meghan Markle and Queen Elizabeth in Buckingham Palace
A lot has changed for Meghan Markle since she became a Royal
During filming Markle revealed earlier that her go-to-meal on set was season veggie quinoa with garlic. "At the start of each week, I generally cook a box of quinoa, and while it's simmering, I saute onions, garlic and any veggies I have on hand in a separate pan,"  Interesting choice. 

Not meaning to sound like a spoil sport, but apart from food choices, there is also a rule that everyone stays up if the Queen hasn't gone to bed yet. Nobody goes to bed before Her Majesty. It's something Princess Diana was not able to always follow during her time.  Let's hope Markle gets the hang of it. 

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