Celebrities and drugs; why many rich and famous succumb to the deadly vices

- 8/21/2018

Celebrities and drugs share a long and painful history. Unfortunately, these special breed of people are usually more vulnerable to the dark allure of vices. Bear in mind, these stars are unique and amazing individuals, full of intrigue and endless drama that color our lives daily, and keep us entertained constantly. For decades, these larger than life celebs have captivated audiences, fans and foe with their magnetic aura. Sadly, this presence isn’t one of invincibility or immortality.  

celebrity drug scandals
There is a dark side to the world of the much loved or much hated celeb. Self hate and self destructive tendencies that rear their heads amidst the flashing lights and the glitz and glamour of the stars. Ironically, the very star power they once craved and coveted, often becomes their main vulnerability.  Exposing weaknesses that often lead to ruin, self harm and sometimes even death.
There is much fascination regarding the life of a star.  And much of this interest is due to the inevitable scandals and dirty little secrets that emerge about our favorites. A close observer will understand that inspite of the much hyped lifestyle afforded through fame and wealth, being sensationally popular isn’t   all honey and cream. Infact, it can be quite the opposite. 

The enormous pressures of being a public figure have been well documented for years now. These unseen forces have often led to the dramatic fall from grace for many a star.  An occurrence that has puzzled and intrigued fans for decades. Its a classic case of finally getting all that you ever dreamed of, and being destroyed by all you finally got. 
famous celebrities who take drugs
Many celebrities like Michael Jackson pictured here in 1987 have lost their lives to drugs
Although many celebrities abuse of drugs, alcohol and numerous illegal and destructive vices, these deadly practices are not restricted to celebs alone, their well publicized indulgences have ultimately made it quite popular, and given it a misguiding romantic aura. There is absolutely nothing beautiful about being slowly or suddenly destroyed by one’s own hand.  But it appears the entertainment industry is not for the weak minded or faint of heart. It takes near super human effort to appreciate, but not to be overwhelmed by millions of the adoring public. To stay focused on one’s art and creativity, and not be drowned by the mega earnings, and the fickle love of ever growing fans. 

For the celebrity, staying afloat in a sea of love, super success and incredible wealth, has become the toughest fight of all.
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