Classic movie reviews: Fight club, starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton

- 8/29/2018
Brad Pitt is without a doubt one of the biggest Hollywood movie stars working today. But that doesn’t mean the hunky star hasn’t  had his share of near misses and bona fide flops. These infrequent setbacks however, certainly didn’t do his career any significant harm.

brad pitt movie fight club
 Over the years, Pitt has given us some memorable movies like super thriller, Seven, Hair raising Zombie flick; World war Z, fan favorite Troy and a bunch of other great films, but we are taking a look at one of his late 90s hits; Fight Club; a brilliantly brutal testament of Brad’s Versatility.
Also starring Edward Norton and British actress Helen Bonham Carter, fight Club grips you by the throat and slams you into its wild, and hypnotically watchable ride.

With great performances from the three leads, a good plot and unpredictable twists, fight club may not be every one’s cup of tea, but it will certainly be a buffet for those inclined to a great story line, good acting and bouts of excellently choreographed cinematic fist violence.

Directed by David Fincher whose previous works include, The Game, Alien 3, and Seven, Fight club does not disappoint with Fincher’s characteristically dark style.

As Edward Norton’s Character descends into Schizophrenia, he goes from a clean cut white collar existence to a brutal underground fight group more into hard punches and gore than suits and executive meetings.  Well aided by Pitt as a partner in crime, before long, Norton fits right into the fray.

Helen Bonham Carter pulls off a remarkable performance to bring the whole mix to a boil that is a strange combination of dark, extreme and entertaining- even if when you watch it a second time.
Final Movie Score; 8 out of 10.  If you’ve seen it before, go see it again. And if you haven’t, I envy you; You’re in for a treat.
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