How Hollywood actor Tom Cruise stays ageless in his 50s

- 8/23/2018

The man’s famous boyish smile can still light up a room any day. In his highly energetic movies, he still performs all of his own stunts, even the most dangerous ones. This is clear evidence that this movie icon is still as fit as a fiddle. But don’t be fooled by his youthful looks and active lifestyle. Ageless Hollywood actor Tom Cruise is no boy at all. He is 56 years old! 
Hollywood actor Tom Cruise
Since his mega breakthrough role in Top Gun 32 years ago, Tom has gone from height to height in his film career. He has weathered the tough and ravaging demands that  A- list actors often have bear for decades now. And amazingly, he shows little or no signs of wear and tear. As a matter of fact, few will hardly dispute that Mr. Cruise can pass for a well preserved man in his Mid 30s, even though he is twenty years older than that.

Those who are close to the star have attested to his ceaseless diligence in taking care of his body. In addition to this, his admirable work ethic is somewhat legendary. He is always on time even though he is one of the busiest people in show business. He is charming, funny and respectful. He is also one of the hardest workers out there, with a work rate that would make much younger men ashamed of themselves.

But one of the strangest things about Cruise is that he doesn’t appear to be slowing down. While filming the latest installment in his Blockbuster Franchise Mission Impossible: Fallout, He suffered an injury while performing a particularly hair raising stunt. The crew was awe struck by the fact that even after sustaining the ankle injury, Tom made sure he finished the stunt for the camera shot before he collapsed.  The damage to his leg was serious enough to stall filming for several months while he recovered.
Actor Tom Crusie Age
Tom Cruise looks amazing for his age
For Cruise fans, it is always a delight to see him as vital as he was 30 years ago, and sometimes even more  so. The man who has given us memorable movies like, Jerry McGuire, Eyes wide shut, Top Gun, Mission Impossible, Magnolia, Minority report and a host of other great films is still going strong.

Like  Superman actor Henry Cavill who worked with him on M.I Fallout admitted, “Tom Cruise is Badass! And we are inclined to agree.
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