Shamed Comedian Bill Cosby: the downfall of an entertainment Icon

- 8/18/2018
He was one of the most celebrated entertainers in the world for over four decades. Beloved by millions, comedian Bill Cosby was a pioneer of a laid back, but intriguing brand of comedy that endeared him to many. A great inspiration to countless latter day entertainers, he ruled his competitive  genre with a firm rib cracking  humor that could not be denied and could barely be replicated, though many tried. 
disgraced comedian Bill Cosby
Then it all blew up-In his face. And all by his own hand. After several accusations of gross sexual misconduct by several women, it turned out that this saintly Patriarch of comedy was nothing more than a sex predator of a particularly distasteful appetite. Scarily proficient in his disgusting escapades with innocent victims, he was able to get away with the some of the most daring assaults for years, over the course of his famous career. 
 As it turns out, Mr. Cosby’s illegal luck ran out. This fortunate event occurred when hordes of his victims started stepping forward to expose the shocking dark side of the Cosby Show Icon. It was a truly devastating shock for his fans, protégées and those who have viewed the man as a beacon of respectability and family values.

It was a let-down that many would not recover from, and most of all his family, fans and friends.
Even though Cosby himself denied any wrong doing, except for serial infidelity, and desperately maintained throughout his subsequent prosecution that he was innocent of assault, his legacy had been tarnished forever. Even though he claimed his relationships with these women, and whatever else took place between them privately, was completely consensual.

His accusers disagreed of course, and in the face of overwhelming evidence, so did the American Justice system. After a relatively lengthy first trial, Cosby’s assault case resulted in a mistrial after the jury were divided on the verdict. All to the delight of the disgraced entertainer.  He was so pleased with the victory  that he started planning a tour of speeches all over the country. But it was a short lived period of elation. His Euphoria was premature. The victims and their legal teams refused to give in.
Bill cosby trial
Multiple sexual assault allegations have tarnished the name of the once revered comedian Bill Cosby
 Unfortunately for Cosby, he wasn’t off the proverbial hook yet. What followed a few months later was a second trial. A much shorter one. The jury was more united this time around and Cosby was found guilty. His sentencing which comes up shortly will definitely put the life of the one of the most influential stand up comics, and television legends into a pathetic phase.
After decades of fooling the world with his public image, amassing a staggering fortune of over $300 million and shaping entertainment history, sadly, the legendary Bill Cosby will now most probably end up behind bars-a common criminal.

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