Tennis legend Roger Federer and his quest for sporting immortality

- 8/28/2018
Tennis player Roger Federer is an enigma. And more so now, than at any other time in his illustrious career. For over two decades the Swiss sports icon has redefined the game of tennis in almost every respect. But there is no denying it; he can’t blow our minds forever. Sooner or later he has to hang up his racket and join the greats in the hall of fame, as perhaps the greatest of them all.
Sportsman Roger federer

His legion of dedicated fans often heave a collective sigh when the man utters the now familiar words; “See you next year.” It is understandable, but fool hardy to hope that this exceptional athlete will play forever. But who can blame anyone for hoping. Nobody has ever handled a tennis racket like Federer can. The way he moves, his endless arsenal of astonishing shots, his remarkable endurance, his subtle but iron clad will power ,and the unmatched heart of a champion he carries into every game, is quite difficult for any player, past or present and perhaps even future, to replicate.

It’s not every day you see a living playing sporting legend looking as fresh as they did in their prime, even when they are already in the twilight of their career. But that is what the Swiss maestro has been able to pull off for many years now, even after many wrote him off during his grand slam dry spell.  A period between 2012 and 2017, that had many convinced he would never win another grand slam. He did. Winning three slams between 2017 and 2018, stunning critics and delighting fans as he took his Grand slam tally from a mind boggling 17 to an incredible 20 titles. Nobody was happier than the man himself as he triumphed, after years of playing less than his best.

Some observers have remarked that he is playing better now than anytime in his long career. I tend to agree. Federer isn’t just a master of the game; he is also one of the most technically proficient players ever to grace the courts. His ability to improve and adapt his game to the changing times, changing players and the ravages of time is something quite amazing. 
tennis champion roger federer
Tennis Champion Roger Federer in his prime
Roger Federer has revealed recently that as long as Mira his wife continues to be happy with his busy travel schedule and hectic life on tour,(she travels with him to most tournaments) he will continue to play-at least until father time puts its inevitable foot down.

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