You killed her: Sister of Hollywood actress Natalie wood accuses Robert Wagner of her death

- 8/13/2018
One of the most baffling mysteries of the  entertainment Industry has reared its head again recently when the sister Hollywood actress Natalie Wood expressed her confidence that her sisters’ husband Robert Wagner is responsible for the actress’ shocking death.
hollywood actress Natalie wood death
Lana Wood made this statement on Wednesday, during an interview for Megyn Kelly Today. Lana claimed that prior to her death, Natalie and Wagner got into a “bad fight” . When Kelly asked her directly if she thinks Wagner “murdered” her sister, Lana gave an emphatic, “Yes.”
It was a painful period for fans,friends and family. Lana was on the show to promote the new podcast, Fatal Voyage: The Mysterious Death of Natalie Wood, on which she shares her own theory about what really happened to Natalie.

Over three decades ago, The Rebel Without a Cause star tragically drowned Precisely on Nov. 21, 1981 off the coast of Catalina Island. She was 43-years-old.
At the time of her demise, the popular actress was with her husband Wagner on their yacht the Splendour with Christopher Walken and the ship’s captain Dennis Davern. Wagner has repeatedly maintained he doesn’t know what happened to Natalie and thinks she fell off the boat while trying to board a dinghy.

“I know exactly what happened from what Dennis has told me and from Natalie, who would not do certain things but would do other things,” her sister told Kelly. “[Wager and Natalie] had a fight. They had a bad fight. Dennis said it sounded like furniture was being thrown around.”
Afterwards, Lana says Dennis told her that after he knocked on the couple’s door, Wagner “opened it a little bit and said ‘Mind your own business’ and shut the door again.”
Robert wagner and Natalie wood
Robert Wagner and his wife Natalie wood had a troubled relationship
Adding to the story Lana continued:  “Dennis then left, went outside, turned up the music because they were being so loud and started walking towards the boat. And when he turned that corner, got there, [Wager] was standing there and Dennis said, ‘Where’s Natalie?’ And he said, ‘She’s gone.’ ”
Wagner himself did not deny they were fighting. Here is a statement he made in his book in reference to that fateful night. At one point, the now 87-year-old actor wrote, “I picked up a wine bottle, slammed it on the table and broke it into pieces.”

He claims he is at a loss regarding what happened. As for what caused her to fall off the boat, Wagner wrote it was “all conjecture. Nobody knows. There are only two possibilities: either she was trying to get away from the argument, or she was trying to tie the dinghy.
Although the veteran actor was never named as a suspect in his famous wife's death, their are still many who suspect him of foul play.

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