4 great celebrity sex symbols in entertainment History

- 9/24/2018

The world of Entertainment is filled with men and women who possess an alluring and captivating aura that sets them apart from their peers. And over the years, audiences and fans have been blessed with a succession of hot celebrity sex symbols that have left a mark in our collective consciousness.
greatest celebrity sex symbols

 Many of these special group of hot entertainers are legends in their own right, and have left unshakeable legacies that have a great deal to do with their magnetic sex appeal but by no means only that. They were highly talented entertainers who captured the world’s love, adoration and respect with their abilities, as much as their good looks and charisma.
I want to introduce you to four legendary stars who are still remembered today by a growing legion of fans, for their incredible star power, incomparable talent and devastating sex appeal;

1. Dorothy Dandridge
dorothy dandridge actress
 At a time when black entertainers where not accorded the same value and respect as their white counterparts, Dorothy Dandridge broke the mold-or almost did. The dazzling colored actress possessed a rare beauty, combined with a screen presence that captured the attention of the staunchest critics and the hearts of even reluctant fans. If one woman, through the power of her look s and the aura, could have changed the divide between the two races in entertainment then, it would have been her.

2. Marilyn Monroe
marilyn monroe sex symbol
 This superstar hardly needs any introduction. Golden age Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe was and is still considered by many, the greatest female sex symbol in history. With incredible good looks and a pulse raising screen appeal that could not be matched then or since, Monroe is in a class of her own. Her death at the age of 36 some fifty plus years ago has done little to diminish that fact.
elvis presley sex symbol

Widely known by the single name Elvis, the late legendary singer and entertainer was one of the most Iconic figures of the 20th century. His rare beauty, magnetic persona, magical voice and groundbreaking dance moves propelled him to superstardom and a lifetime legacy as one of the hottest men in history.

1. James Dean
james dean sex symbol

Although he starred in starred in only three movies and died suddenly in a car crash at the shockingly young age of 25, Hollywood actor James Dean continues to weave his magic from generation to generation. The Rebel without a cause star had one of the most powerful screen presences you have ever seen, and the fact that he was super adorable to look at didn’t hurt either.


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