Five great movies starring Denzel Washington you have to see

- 9/25/2018

In Hollywood actor Denzel Washington has become a by word for excellence. I mean the man even makes a bad movie worth watching, and makes even ordinary scenes become memorable. The two time Oscar winner has consistently been churning out great movies and great performances for almost thirty years. Not at all an easy thing in an industry where competition and box office unpredictability is rife.

denzel washington movies
Although Denzel has starred in many great roles, we have selected 5 of these performances that actually portray the incredible acting abilities and unmatchable screen presence of the man.
Here are five  Denzel Washington movies  you need to see today;

1. Glory
This American Civil war Epic actually won Denzel the first of his two Academy Awards. This time for best Supporting actor. He stole the show for best performance, in a film filled with great performances by notable actors. A particular scene where he was being brutally flogged during a court martial was simply mind blowing.

2. The Bone Collector
Angelina Jolie and Queen Latifah got to star alongside the master, in this intriguing suspense filled thriller. Even though Washington acted more than half the movie lying on his back, he still managed to bring the best out of every other actor, and outclass them at the same time.

3. John Q
A high powered and hypnotically watchable performance by Denzel. This movie shows him at his very best.

4. Training Day
denzel washington training day
 This is surely one of his most notable performances. From his first scene to his last, Washington captivated audiences, hooking them to their seats until the credits roll. Training day shows Denzel like you have never seen him before. And it won him his second Oscar; this time for best actor in a leading role.

5. American gangster
denzel washington american gangster
There is no one that brings a real life character to life on the silver screen like he does. Watch him rule the underworld as a ruthless, ambitious and brilliant drug kingpin. Starring alongside Russell Crowe, Washington as usual stole the scenes, stole the show and powered the movies unto box office success. His performance here is something you’ve got to see.

As a bonus; for another great Denzel Washington Movie, check out his Amazing performance as Malcolm X.

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