One of the greatest comedies of all time: Some like it Hot

- 9/29/2018
From the time I was a kid of 8 years old and now, I’ve watched this classic at least 45 times. A bit like overdoing it right? Well, you would think so if you haven’t seen it before. But if you have even seen it once, then you’d totally agree with me.
comedy some like it hot

The name of this film is Some Like it Hot, and its still considered by many (including me) to be one of the best comedies ever. And hey! Did I forget to mention that it was released way back in 1959?  I bet that’s a shocking revelation to you modern movie buffs who believe that old movies belong in the back of a dusty cabinet in the basement, or in a museum.

Well even if you’re not a classic fan. But if you’re looking for solid entertainment and a hilariously good laugh for two hours, then this one’s for you.

This Oscar winning movie was directed by the revered Billy Wilder, and stars Tony Curtis, Jack Lemon, and the dazzling yet surprisingly funny Marilyn Monroe.

To put it mildly, this movie blew my heart away, grabbed it right back, and held it captive from the first time I watched it. I mean, it’s a treat that never seems to lose its appeal, no matter how many times you see it. That is probably why it has remained evergreen. So many other good comedies made afterwards have still fallen short of its excellence.
best comedies ever
Apart from all the glory the finished product inspired, the making of this movie had its fair share of problems. As director Wilder put it in his own words “I knew we were in mid flight, and there was a nut on the plane.”  And the nut he was referring to was Monroe.

 At the time, aged 33, and at the height of her iconic fame, Marilyn gave the cast and crew a hard time during filming. Arriving late most of the time, and often requiring as much as 40 takes for even the simplest scenes, this was probably the first real signs the world behind the scenes saw of the tragic deterioration of Marilyn Monroe. She frequently forgot her lines until they had to be written out for her on cue cards.

She so frustrated her co-star Tony Curtis that he famously compared her with Hitler. But being the professionals that made them legends, the on-screen chemistry between them still came across beautifully as intended, and the movie still remains one of the greatest of all time.

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