Rapper Mac Miller was dead for several hours before body was discovered

- 9/15/2018

A brilliant talent and a skyrocketing career was tragically cut short on September 7th when popular rapper Mac Miller was found dead in his home. 
Mac miller death

The body of the rapstar who died from an apparent drug overdose was not discovered for several hours after his death, lending an added aura of pain to the already heart rending incident.

The passing of the 26 year old artiste whose dark and deep lyrics, and infectious rhythm was popular among fans, occurred about a month after the release of his latest album.

Miller’s unexpected death has brought in a flood of tribute from celebrities and fans from all over the world.  Celebs like Cedric Lamar and Ariana Grande expressed their own pain and sense of loss through heartfelt tributes to the late Miller.

Some observers of the tragedy have commented that throughout his career Miller gave the impression of a man seeking escape. From the world? From Himself? Hard to say. It showed up in his lyrics and the way he expressed himself. We may never Know, but he was clearly a man on the brink; walking the edge of finality through a haze of pain. Unfortunately, he found it; in the most devastating way possible-death.
rapper Mac Miller and Ariana grande
Mac Miller and Ariana Grande

It has emerged that the tragic star had a will in place, put together five years ago in case of his death.

Ariana Grande shared a photo of Miller wearing a white T-shirt with his intricate arm tattoos on full display. He was sitting on grass and staring into the camera with those soulful eyes of his. A fitting picture of peace to remember a man who felt far from peaceful. 

Nevertheless, Mac Miller’s contributions to the World of entertainment was outstanding, and quite remarkable for the short length of time he had been on the scene. A hard working  and talented entertainer who had risen quickly, and still displayed great promise for further rise in brilliance and fame.  RIP Miller.
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