Top 5 hottest female singers in the world

- 9/16/2018
Who are the fairest of them all? It’s not everyday you get a combination of talent and beauty in one alluring package. But trust me, when you do; it’s well worth the weight in gold.
hottest women singers

Meet the hottest Female singers on the planet today; the top five to be precise. They are the cream of the crop. The top of a long list of incredible women who combine stunning good looks, groundbreaking talent and superstar fame.

 I promise you, after reading this; you would want to sing a note of music and dream of beauty.
Here they are; the most beautiful female singers in the world now.

5.   Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato simger

Who can deny the Dark and captivating looks of  Demi Lovato?  The stunning Brunette is one of the world’s hottest female celebrities, and for good reasons too.  Her good looks and talent are not just hard to ignore, they are hard to resist. She comes in as our number five pick on this list of dazzling women.

4.  Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez Hottest female singers

If  Lopez had been excluded from this top 5 list, there may as well have  been no list at all. Although the oldest artiste here, JLo confidently and beautifully holds her own amongst the younger women. The hot Latino singer with the beautiful skin, curvaceous body, great hair, alluring smile and pulse raising butt is number 4 on our list.

3.   Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande hottest female singers

Even when she was starring in TV’s Nickelodeon series, it was clear to see that Grande was blossoming quickly into a unique beauty. The Pop singer, whose many hits carry a lasting impression of her amazing voice and remarkable looks, comes in at number three on our list of singing hotties.

2.   Beyonce
Beyonce hottest female artistes

She is a stunner; always has been. Even during her time with RnB group Destiny’s child, Queen Bey stood out as the most dazzling of them all. As a solo artiste, and as the years went by, her striking good looks seemed to grow into something with more lasting appeal. Beyonce is the second hottest female crooner in the world.

1.   Rihanna
rihanna hottest female singers

 For several years now, RiRi has been widely considered one of the world’s most beautiful women. No one is arguing. You’d have to be blind or mad or both, not to see Rihanna’s mind blowing beauty. Her flawless skin, hypnotic eyes, hot lips, and amazing figure are all part of a package that includes her matchless and consistent talent as a singer, entertainer, actress, model and entrepreneur. Without a doubt, The Work singer is our number one most beautiful female artiste in the world today.

Well you’ve seen all the pretty ladies, the top 5 at least. If you feel we missed a singer who deserves to be on this list. Please feel absolutely free to mention her in the comment section. We won’t dispute your choice, after all; it’s all in the eyes of the beholder.

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