Top 5 hottest male singers in the world right now

- 9/06/2018

Looks have always been a vital part of  being a show biz personality. But Unlike models, not all singers have to be hot.  But they certainly have to be good vocalists with an appealing and unique style of delivery to be taken seriously by fans. Looking hot is a bonus. And in these days of widely accessible visual multimedia, looks have taken on a new level of importance for both male and female artistes

world's hottest male singers

With so many hotties strutting their stuff today, how in the world do you pick from the pile? Who are the hottest male singers in the world today? It’s a tough call, since there are so many gorgeous hunks out there with chiseled features, amazing bodies and incredible voices.
Here is our pick of the best looking male vocalists; these men made the cut because of their brilliant combination of  looks, Charisma, singing ability and that fascinating sex appeal.

5. Bruno Mars
hottest singers bruno mars

“They’ve got nothing on you”  Back at you Mr. Mars. A truly remarkable voice and stunning looks puts this multiple number one hit singer at the 5th spot. And let’s not forget his amazing smile.

4. Nick Jonas
hottest singers nick jonas

Don’t let Nick’s  position on this list fool you. We’re not surprised Priyanka Chopra thinks he’s the cutest of them all.

3. Justin Beiber

hottest singers justin bieber
Controversy aside, this Canadian pop icon who went from a teen heartthrob to a bonafide hunk  is certainly one of the hottest male artistes on the planet.

2. The Weekend
sexy singer the weekend

Yes you’ve got it; love the hairstyle too. Ever since The Weekend burst onto the scene, we couldn’t help but notice how gorgeous he is. A snappy dresser too!

1.Enrique Iglesias
enrique iglesias hottest singers

This Latino pop star has been dazzling fans with his clean hunky looks and incredible songs for almost two decades now. Believe it or not, he is over 40 now and still looks like every ladies dream.

Without a doubt, these hunky crooners are some of the most attractive male celebs in the world. All right fellas! Hold your horses. I bet not all of you agree with the names on this list. If you have a different opinion,( which I’m sure some of you do) name your pick in the comment section and I’ll tell you what I think. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder right? Wrong. Ha!

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