Two amazing Television shows you need to binge watch

- 9/28/2018

Do you like Intrigue, suspense, scintillating action and captivating drama? If yes, then get a load of these two incredible television shows that have all the above qualities and more-much more.

best television shows

1.The 100 
the 100 television shows

Strange title for a show that gives you much more than 100% entertainment. Although an Apocalyptic drama series, this show deviates from the norm to deliver first class action and suspense. 97 years after Earth is devastated by a nuclear apocalypse, a large group of survivors who escaped the blast and subsequent Nuclear radiation by taking refuge in a space station orbiting high above danger zone Earth, seek to return to the ground as life supplies and life support run low on the station. But instead of launching a full scale landing unto the ground, they send down 100 teenagers instead. These young adults  committed crimes but are too young to be put to death, so they send them down to earth to test if the ground is now survivable. And that’s when all hell breaks loose.

2.Penny Dreadful
penny dreadful television shows

When the producers of Game of Thrones come together to make a horror drama series, you  can be sure it will be worth seeing and seeing again. Penny dreadful delivers all the accurate punches and leaves no prisoners. It is probably the most well made and captivating series I have seen in the last few years. An all star cast including Timothy Dalton, Josh Harnet and the incomparable Eva Green, deliver powerful performances inspired by the most popular and legendary Horror characters from decades ago. Dorian Grey, Dracula, The Frankenstein Monster, Jekyll and Hyde, Ware wolves, and a host of other evil, demonic and heavenly forces come to life in this terrifying and gripping series.

It is not a show you want to miss. Go see it now.


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