50 Cent trolls JaRule by buying 200 front row seats at his concerts

- 10/30/2018

When it comes to dissing or trolling other celebs who upset him, rapper 50 cent takes the cake.
rapper 50 cent and Jarule

But the 50, who we has been dubbed the King of Petty, has taken his feud with fellow hiphop star JaRule to whole other level by going out of his way to by a bunch of front row seats for his concert so that they would be empty. 

He brushed of the critics of his outrageous act: ‘People think I’m mean so go see this. $15 bucks wait what I do now LOL,’ he wrote as an Instagram caption alongside a photo of the tickets being sold on Groupon.

The Window Shopper’ rapper carried on poking fun at the fellow rapper when he claimed to have bought 200 seats to Ja’s show which is set to be held on 9 November, in Texas.

 Commenting under the post, he said: ‘I just bought 200 seats in the front so they can be empty. LOL.’ 

He just doesn't know when to stop. The former Power actor could most likely make a living out of this as he posted a Photo shopped image of himself sitting on his lonesome at an event surrounded by a bunch of empty front row seats.
Rapper jarule

Although the show has not happened yet, 50 acted as if he was there when he captioned the image, writing: ‘What a show, I mean just fucking great. Do it again. my kid went to the restroom. LOL. ‘ 

50 Cents clearly thinks he is hilarious and so do his multitude of fans – just take a look at the comment section on the Instagram post. One user commented: ‘Everyone talking about 50 is petty for this. This is deeper than rap. When I grow up I wanna be like 50. ‘ ‘Stop beefing with 50, he’s on a whole other level,’ another added. Apparently they love what the feud loving rapper is doing.

More comments from Fiddy's adoring fans: ‘This is so funny, nobody can top this off!’

Early this year, The rival rappers reignited their age-old feud, and both became trending topics on social media. 

Where will it end?
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