6 popular stuntmen who died while filming a movie

- 10/09/2018

Next time you watch a stuntman screaming in a scene, or actually looking immobile, he may actually be in trouble-or dead. Stuntpersons have a terribly difficult and dangerous job, as the attempt to keep the actual actors out of harm’s way and simultaneously thrill us with incredible acts of daring. Sadly, it doesn’t always work out as planned. And a shocking and increasing number of stuntmen have died, often horribly in the line of duty. Here are six experienced and popular stuntmen who died while performing stunts in movies.
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1.Charlie Skeen

(Not Sheen, who wouldn’t be cut dead in a stunt). The tragic Mr. Skeen was an In-demand stunts-person, who was a Chuck Norris protégé and a veteran of more than 40 films. The 49 year old died during a car chase sequence while filming the Norris TV hit Walker Texas Ranger. He suffered fatal head injuries when his truck crashed.

2. Todd Seeley
Renowned Stunt Motorcyclist Seeley was just 35 years old when his motorbike missed the ramp after a 150 foot leap. He died from internal and head injuries in from the crash. The former Guinness book of world records holder was appeared most famously in Jim Carrey’s  Ace Ventura : Pet Detective.

3. Grace McHugh
While filming the movie Across borders, McHugh was asked by the director to cross the Arkansas  river on horseback. She was swept off her perch by the current. A cameraman who jumped in to save her drowned with her.
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4. Dick Kerwood
Kerwood died while Performing a difficult stunt of flying plane unto a moving car sequence. Kerwood was supposed to safely slide down a rope ladder over the plane’s fuselage while the car bridged over a deep Canyon. He disappeared and was found dead 500 feet at the bottom of the Pico Canyon.

5. Raj Mohammed
Raj was a stuntsman working on Bollywood movie Jaanwar. While filming Raj who was only traveling at a controlled Jump speed, lost control and suffered fatal head injuries.

6. Brady Michaels
Brady was a stuntsman, but he didn’t die during a movie shoot. He lost his life while doing a sort of glory shot for American TV show I dare you:The ultimate challenge.
Michaels lost his footing and fell from a ladder which was attached to a train. The fall was just 15 feet but he smashed he head against some rocks below and died.


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