Brave Kim Kardashian is now happy about Paris Robbery

- 10/24/2018

At the time it occurred, it was probably the most terrifying ordeal of her life — but Kim Kardashian is now ‘grateful’ for the Paris robbery that put her in the greatest danger she had ever faced.
 Why?  because the harrowing experience changed her and made her a better person.
kim kardashian paris robbery
In a stuff made of movies and nightmares, back In October 2016 the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star was robbed at gunpoint in her luxury apartment in the French capital. Storming their way into her private abode, Five masked men made their way into her bedroom, where  she was bound and gagged, and then the assailants robbed her of  $11m (£8.5m) worth of jewellery, including her wedding ring.
But now, Two years on, she has seen how the dramatic and terrifying episode actually changed her way of thinking. She believes the horrific incident allowed her to reflect on her ‘self-worth’ and how she shouldn’t be defined by how much money she has in the bank. Appearing on The Alec Baldwin Show, she said: ‘My life has definitely changed a lot in the last two years.’ The mother-of-three says that while she never suffered from depression, she did feel lost for months before the robbery as a result of constantly linking her self-worth to her net worth. ‘I was never depressed, but I wasn’t motivated to get up and work like I used to. It shook me,’ she explained.

What a way to get a life’s lesson right?  ‘There was a lot of me that measured who I was by how much I had. I thought, “Oh, I’m worth so much”. That needed to change in me.’ 

The beautiful star who is married to rapper Kanye West, turned 38 on Sunday.  She went on to add that she was grateful for the traumatising ordeal because she wouldn’t be where she is now had she not gone through it.
reality tv star kim kardashian paris robbery

It was a wakeup call for the reality TV star.

 “I felt like I was living in a bubble, and that opened me up to so much.’
Investigators later learnt that the robbers discovered where she was staying through Snapchat.  In January, 17 arrests were made in connection with the heist and 10 have been charged so far.

Did Kim stay away from the city which adores her so much?  It took a while, but she did return to the French capital. In June, the reality queen returned to Paris for the first time since the robbery to attend the Louis Vuitton Menswear spring/summer 2019 Paris Fashion Week show with with husband Kanye West, sister Kylie Jenner and her boyfriend Travis Scott.

One of her greatest fears.  Kim, who previously said that she feared she would be raped by the masked intruders, is now more conscious about her people tracking her online. She now takes a precaution, by filming videos and only posting them after she has left the location.

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