Guess who Lady Gaga is dating: the answer will surprise you

- 10/17/2018

Currently, it will be hard to find another entertainer having a bigger year than Lady Gaga? On top of being a total boss in A StarIs Born and landing her own Las Vegas residency, she's also engaged! 
Lady Gaga relationship

The rock on her engagement figure is only part of the surprise though. Yes, Lady Gaga has been flashing a pink diamond ring that's as big as her Joanne hat ever since she secretly got engaged. And her unexpected beau is none other than Christian Carino, her talent agent. But the star never officially confirmed anything—at least until now. 

She revealed the bombshell during an interview.While speaking at a Hollywood event in Beverly Hills on Monday, Lady Gaga casually made her relationship status clear:
Thank you to all the loved ones in my life. [Manager] Bobby [Campbell], I love you. Everyone at table five. My fiancé, Christian. All the loved ones in my life who take care of me every day. And Ryan Murphy, thanks for giving me my first leading role [in American Horror Story: Hotel]. You know that Golden Globe belongs to you." 

But what about Cooper, and all that chemistry. This is obviously lovely news for Lady Gaga, but is anyone else still thinking about how amazing and cute she and Bradley Cooper were in A Star Is Born!? Fine, fine. We'll get over it. We have to.

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