Katie Price claims ex Peter Andre does not have her best interest at heart

- 10/23/2018
The Katie Price about Peter Andre drama has reared its never ending head again. What a history these two have!
katie price and peter andre

Recently, Peter extended a helping hand to his ex after he urged her to stay in rehab for the sake of their kids.
The controversial Mum of five Katie, who shares children Princess, 11, and Junior, 13, with Pete, is believed to have ditched her rehab program, because she claims her room smelt of cabbage ?
Some might believe that in the light of her erratic behavior her treatment is long overdue. She checked into rehab after her drink drive arrest some weeks ago but it is believed the former glamour model swiftly checked out after staff took away her phone and she found the room lacking. (cabbage smell).

Pete stepped in to urge her to continue. But she saw some sinister ulterior motive behind his offer of help. So it's unlikely Katie will heed Peter's advice as she doesn't believe he has her best interests at heart.

A selfish move on his part? Instead she feels felt like her ex-husband was trying to build up his own career at the expense of hers.

"If felt to me as if he was building up his own career and image by trashing mine," she wrote in her autobiography.

The 40 year old ex glamour model,  also claimed that years back, the Mysterious Girl singer ended their much hyped relationship over the phone.
"I thought we had a secure, happy family, something which I have always wanted. But that happy family was destroyed when Pete walked out - telling me it was over in a phone call," she candidly recalled.

She continued: "He would often drop hints in the magazine interviews he subsequently gave that there was a dark secret behind our divorce. There was no dark secret."
katie price and peter andre kids
Junior and Princess:Katie and Peter's kids
She painted a pitiful picture of a victim in the whole breakup process. The mum also opened up about the pain of losing their third child to a miscarriage, and her disappointment in her ex on how he handled the tragedy. She revealed that Peter moved on so quickly - promoting his album within weeks of them going their separate ways - and also how she was viewed following the break up-like the baddie.

According to her, while Peter was being held up as the saint, she was made to sound like a "bad mum" and a "bitch," she says.

Before the end of their marriage, they looked like the perfect family. Peter had his own side of the story which he revealed shortly after the split.  Back in 2011, after the pair split, Peter gave an interview to Piers Morgan where he said: "Katie said the reason I left her was because I'd seen pictures of her in nightclubs flirting with other men and presumed she'd cheated on me.
"That is not the truth. Those pictures were not the reason I left Katie. I would never end a marriage over something small, or little things building up.

"Something big happened, which I won't reveal as I don't want my kids reading it. But when I tell them, I'll come on your show and reveal what actually happened.
Who are we going to believe?

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