Prince Charles had tried desperately not to marry Diana but failed

- 10/27/2018
If that Royal wedding that took place 37 years ago hadn't occurred, then maybe a lot of the pain and tragedy that ensued may have been prevented. But maybe we wouldn't have the pleasure of watching her kids Prince Harry and William grow up to become the men they are and in Marriages that seem far more stable than their parent's ever was. 
Prince charles and Diana royal wedding

It has emerged that Prince Charles was desperate to call off his wedding to Diana,  and was in agony at the decision to proceed or stop the whole thing.

It was going to be a catastrophic if he had succeeded in calling it off. If he Despite realising that he and the aristocrat's daughter were incompatible, he felt powerless to do anything about it.

Breaking off the engagement 'would have been cataclysmic', he said. 

The build up to the wedding was apparently a very difficult time for the Prince, and his young bride to be. And he described himself as being 'permanently between the devil and deep blue sea'.
Years later and still troubled by the tragedy of the marriage, he wept tears of frustration as he told friends: 'I desperately wanted to get out of the wedding in 1981, when during the engagement I discovered just how awful the prospects were.'

The explosive  revelation, of the heir to the throne's anguish over the doomed marriage is told in an  new royal biography to mark his landmark 70th birthday.
princess diana and prince Charles

It reveals how Charles wants to challenge 'pernicious lies' about him – which he believes were orchestrated by Diana herself.

Veteran royal correspondent Robert Jobson, the book's author, has accompanied the prince for 18 months on tours around the world. 

Years of dealing with the facts, drama and secrets regarding the royals. Mr Jobson, who has reported on the royals for almost three decades, has spoken to many current and former members of his staff – and to Charles himself. 

The result is a Biography that would shock and amaze readers for its many unexpected revelations.

Source: Dailymail.

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