Bullied 10 year old schoolgirl atttempts sucide on birthday

- 11/14/2018
When Mum Jess Brown woke up on that November day, the last thing on her mind was danger. But her day that was supposed to be a fun birthday preparation day, suddenly turned into a real nightmare, as she rushed her daughter Lilly-Jo Caldcott to Worcestershire Royal Hospital, as the schoolgirl attempted suicide.

The 10-year-old girl refused to eat anything, and ended up taking a bunch of tablets in an attempt to commit suicide on the day before her birthday.

According to her distraught mum, the unhappy child had tried to end her life because she was being bullied at school.
Mum-of-three Jess told the Worcester News: “My daughter is fighting for her life because of bullying.”

She was facing a difficult time with her peers. Lilly-Jo started at Witton Middle School, Droitwich, in September and after a couple of weeks her mum noticed she was not herself and had become withdrawn.

Her mum hopes to call attention to the serious consequences of bullying. In a desperate bid to warn other parents about the dangers, mum Jess posted pictures of Lilly-Jo in hospital on Facebook after the suicide attempt.

She blames the school. 27 year old mum Jess, from Droitwich, Worcestershire, faulted Lilly-Jo’s school, saying they failed to offer her daughter the proper support - something the institution vehemently deny.

Jess narrates the horror. “I sat her down and she admitted she’d taken some pills. I took her to the GP and he said we should go straight to hospital.
“I thought my daughter was going to die.
girl tries to kill herself
Lilly-Jo took tablets to kill herself
“I am disgusted my daughter is being bullied yet nothing is being done about it. Nobody seems to want to help at all.
“We will not be sending her back to the school, it’s not worth the risk.
“The doctor said if we had left her two more weeks, she would be dead. I’m not going to bury my child.

"My daughter is fighting for her life because of bullying.
“She had been going downhill, not eating, a lot more tired than she used to be.
“We’re backwards and forwards to the doctors. She admitted she was being bullied straight away.

 "You never expect see your own daughter on her 10th birthday in hospital after a suicide attempt. It's heartbreaking."

Lilly-Jo's mum is now worried about how she's going to convince her terrified daughter to go back to school now. after the horrific list of assaults she suffered from the other kids.

Source: Mirror

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