Desperate Katie Price tries to revive music career to ward of bankcruptcy

- 11/01/2018

It appears Katie Price is bankrupt for real. Money troubles have been hounding the  controversial 40-year-old TV personality for several months now. And apparently, she is now on the brink of bankruptcy.

Katie price music

In fact, she is struggling to meet with a deadline coming up real soon.  The troubled star is now being weighed down by her financial woes, which  is taking an emotional toll on her.

 But It seems Katie wants to pull off a trick to save her finances from crumbling. In an attempt to turn around her fortunes, it’s claimed Katie is looking to salvage her “never really taken off “ pop career along with a number of other money-making schemes, she is trying out with her over tasked team.
A source who spoke extensively to the Sun, revealed this: 

‘She’s telling her team to find new ways to make money from the brand and is even restarting her pop career and is getting a song written for her.’ A new reality show along with a relaunch of make-up and perfume brands are also said to be contributing to this attempted turnaround. Will it all be enough? There is definitely a good reason why she put those ventures on hold in the first place.
Katie Price has always done well as an author.  They also say she’s currently writing her seventh book which will cover the events in her life over recent years.
katie price bankrupt

She has never really hit the spot with her music. Katie Price's music career includes competing for a place in the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest with track Not Just Anybody.

She also released new single I Got U with a debut performance on Loose Women last year, which didn’t exactly make any waves.


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