Former Sprinter Usain Bolt quits Austrailian football club after meager contract offer

- 11/02/2018

World’sfastest man Usain Bolt and his football  ambition, are still trying to find a place in the tough and competitive world of soccer.
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Recently, the Jamaican former sprint king quit his A-League trial, rejecting a multi thousand dollar contract offer from the Central Coast Mariners.
The Sensational Olympic sprint great has been unable to strike a deal with the Mariners, which largely hinged on finding a commercial partner to boost his salary. In other words they couldn’t afford his rightfully huge salary.

Working hard to prove his footballing abilities to the world. Bolt had been on trial at the Mariners for the past two months.

He wasn’t satisfied with the offer. Central Coast were understood to have offered Bolt a contract in the vicinity of $150,000, without any guarantee that the Jamaican would get an A-League game.
The two sides couldn’t  reach an agreement. Bolt's camp, the Mariners and Football Federation Australia had been seeking a commercial partner to increase the amount of the offer.

They loved having him, but can’t afford to keep him at the club. Mariners' owner Mike Charlesworth said the club and Bolt had concluded they wouldn't be able to settle any suitable deal in a timely manner.

He thanked them deeply. No hard feelings. 'I would like to thank the Central Coast Mariners' owners, management, staff, players and fans for making me feel so welcome during my time there,' Bolt said in a statement released by the club on Friday.

'I wish the club success for the season ahead.'
Charlesworth deemed Bolt's trial 'mutually beneficial' for the club and the eight-time Olympic gold medalist.

'We have been thrilled to have ... (him) as part of our club for these past eight weeks,' Charlesworth said.
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Bolt is fun and inspirational anywhere he goes. For the Mariners, it has been a pleasure to work with Usain as he pursued his desire to become a professional football player.
'This has been a mutually beneficial partnership that brought an increased level of excitement and attention to both the Mariners and the A-League.

'From day one, Usain dedicated himself to being part of the Mariners. He integrated very well into the team and made great strides as a footballer.'

Bolt’s next move is still in question, as he continues to surge forward as a soccer player with that same fiery determination that saw him smash every sprint record known to man.

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