How Game of Thrones finale ends caused Kit Harington to cry

- 11/04/2018

We are all eagerly awaiting the final season of one of the best shows on television. We can only guess what will happen, but one thing we can be sure of, is that it will be mind blowing. 
game of thrones finale

Shooting is all wrapped up now only airing it remains. But since filming for Game Of Thrones has come to an end, Kit Harington has trolled fans about how the show will finish. But even though he has boasted about his knowledge, the actor has managed to professionally remain tight lipped regarding specific details. He won’t even tell his wife former GOT actress Rose Leslie about the show’s finale. However, despite his tough character Jon Snow, the star was said to be in tears over what happened in the final scene. 

In a chat with EW, Kit spoke about how he refused to look at the six scripts in advance, and decided to thrash them out with his GOT pals during the read through.

It appears the way the show ends would leave a lot of fans in tears, just like it did to Kit. It was so sad, it led to the actor giving off some real emotion, as he claimed to have cried twice while reading the episodes out loud. 

This is what the hunky actor  told the publication: ‘I walked in saying, “Don’t tell me, I don’t want to know.” What’s the point of reading it to myself in my own head when I can listen to people do it and find out with my friends?’ Trying not to spoil the storyline, he went on to discuss what brought him to tears. Kit continued: ‘The second time was the very end,’ referring to what the producers had written once the script had finished.

‘Every season, you read at the end of the last script “End of Season 1,” or “End of Season 2,”‘ He added. ‘This read “End of Game Of Thrones,” and you realise, okay, it’s really happening.’ Okay, that might have just brought a lump to our throats too! 
kit harington Jon Snow

Although the show holds a special place in his heart, he has decided not to return, if the show happens to return for another season. Indeed, Kit has previously spoken about his love for the show, but revealed that he has no intention of returning if he ever had the chance.

Kit Harington made it clear that he is done. He said that he has no desire to ever reprise the role – and we can’t help but feel a little bit dropped on. ‘I have no desire to go back and do any more of that show… I have such a fond place in my heart for that show,’ Kit told the publication. ‘For a good month afterwards I just burst into tears randomly. I can’t think of a better job to have in your 20s than to play Jon Snow.’

We completely agree, because we like millions of fans Game of Thrones fans worldwide, have been completely wrapped up in this amazing show. It’s not surprising it would make us emotional, no matter how it ends.

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