Wrong move:Kim kardashian comes under fire for riding elephant in Bali

- 11/08/2018

Your life is constantly under a microscope when you are a popular celeb. Even harmless acts can be blown out of proportion and labelled with all sorts of vile tags.When you are a star like Kim Kardashian riding an Elephant can be great for you, and quite upsetting for a lot of your fans and haters. It can even turn some of your fans into haters in the blink of an eye.
kim kardashian scandal

In this case, Downton Abbey actor Peter Egan, who played Hugh MacClare, took to Twitter to slam the reality TV star for posing for pictures on the back of an elephant despite the practice being deemed cruel with many UK holiday companies slowly banning the sale of tickets for the act. 

The clearly upset actor wrote: ‘Such ignorance and such a lack of care. Doesn’t she understand the cruelty inflicted on these poor elephants in order for her inane photo shoot.’ Kim was also blasted online for the images, which saw her climb on the animal wearing a bikini during her holiday. Hello?

Kim was mercilessly slammed by Peter, who told Metro ‘All over the world, tourist traps offer the chance to climb onto an elephant’s back without divulging to the visitors what these animals endure in order to force them to allow this. Baby elephants’ spirits are broken through an egregiously cruel process in which still-nursing elephants are dragged away from their mothers, immobilised, and gouged with bullhooks and nails.

He wasn't done. ‘These horrific, ritualised training sessions often leave elephants severely injured and traumatised, and some don’t survive. Riding elephants or visiting camps that force elephants to come into contact with humans directly supports this abuse.’ He added. 
kim kardashian riding elephant

However, the TV Queen had something to say about the backlash. The star responded to criticisms,  saying she had researched the sanctuary before visiting. She wrote: ‘We visited an elephant sanctuary that has rescued these elephants from Sumatra where they would have otherwise gone extinct. It is an organisation that is working to save these beautiful animals. We did full research before going.’ 

For years now, Animal rights charities have been campaigning for the practice of elephant riding to be banned. In effect, Sanctuaries have been created for elephants and their trainers to retire to.

And Kim Kardashian unwittingly found herself in the center of a very delicate situation.
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