The Backstreet Boys album rolls years back and fans love it

- 1/29/2019
The Backstreet Boys are hotter than ever. They are back, and just released a new album, DNA, on Jan. 25.

 The dazzling array of songs has ’90s fans feeling nostalgic. In fact, after listening to the catchy songs, they want MORE!
Backstreet boys album

Yes,  the fans are hoping the resurgence of BSB will pave the way for even more comebacks from their favorite throwback bands and artists.

The wish list  includes N’Sync, Destiny’s Child, and more of the hottest music stars from the time.

Fan reaction to New Backstreet Boys Album

 Social media filled with ’90s fanatics hopefuls. “Backstreet Boys going on tour …… all we need is for N’Sync & Destinys Child to make a comeback tour,” one fan wrote. “Backstreet boys released an album today and im just wondering when @NSYNC is gonna release something new,” another said.

 “In this age of bands and music groups reuniting to do reunion tours and making new music, when will NSYNC move past their issues and get on board with the program?” another quipped.

More fans started making collaboration wishes for their favourites. The ’90s reminiscing didn’t stop there! Some fans even prayed for a collab between BSB and “All or Nothing” hit-makers O-Town. “So…when is there gonna be a BSB and OTWN collab?” one fan asked on social media. Another demanded to see more from Boyz II Men. “@backstreetboys  @officialblue and next,@westlifemusic need to make a comeback tour to Malaysia!! Oh and @BoyzIIMen need to comeback to Malaysia too!!!” one fan tweeted.

Its no big secret that the 90s presented an era of music that brought captivating beats, catchy rhythm and unforgettable bands.

And Backstreet boys just opened up a whole can of worms by releasing their new album.

They may not be boys anymore, but they are certainly one of the most successful and enduring bands in recent music history.

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