Forget retirement: Usain Bolt breaks another sprint record

- 2/08/2019
Retired or not, Usain Bolt is a record breaker. He may have hung up his sprint shoes in 2017 - but the Jamaican speedster proved he's still one of the fastest men on earth.

The charismatic superstar, who sadly, announced his retirement from a short lived but promising professional football career, equalled a historic NFL speed record!
Jamaican Sprinter Usain Bolt

This historical feat occurred in Atlanta during NFL's Super Bowl LIII festivities ahead of Sunday's game.
Organizers asked Bolt to run the famous 40-yard dash on a small piece of astro turf at an event.

Always the showman. Despite being dressed in far from adequate attire - a pair of trainers rather than spikes, and tracksuit trousers - Bolt went ahead to clock an astonishing time of 4.22 seconds!

That time equals the mark set by Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver John Ross at the 2017 NFL Combine. Its an event where the best college players around the country are timed to measure their speed as one of a number of tests to assess their overall abilities.

Listen it may not sound so incredible for the fastest man in history to equal such a record.

But you must understand that bolt is retired and NFL players are considered amongst the most athletic in the world, with some of the fastest athletes in all of sports.

Usain Bolt's world records

  • 2009 World Championships: 9.58 - 100 meters
  • 2009 World Championships:  19.19 - 200 meters
  • 2012 Olympic games:            36.84-  4 × 100 meters
  • 2009 Manchester City Games: 14.35-  150 meters 

sprinter Usain Bolt World record times

But Bolt, without proper training, preparation or attire equalled the best the NFL has ever offered. And this was without the benefit of running spikes or any other assistance.

The world's fastest man and world record holder shows he may have left sprinting, but sprinting has certainly not left him. He proved that with his blistering pace over a 40 yard dash.


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