Jose Mourinho calls Arsene Wenger one of the greatest football managers in history

- 2/19/2019
Even to some of his fiercest rivals, he can pay great compliments when he wants to. Former Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho paid tribute to former Gunner's boss Arsene Wenger by describing him as "one of the best managers in the history of football".
Arsene Wenger football manager
Going down memory lane, Mourinho often clashed with Wenger during his time at Chelsea and Manchester United. In one fiery moment, he once famously labelled the former Arsenal manager as a "specialist in failure".

Some of Wenger's harshest critics felt it was an apt description at the time.

But according to the 'Special One' it was said in the heat of the moment. He insists he always had "real respect" for Wenger.

"There were some episodes along the road. I can only speak by myself. I really enjoyed the competition. But the real respect was always there," said Mourinho, in a video message to Wenger.

"He made lots of history in that football club. The nickname is there - the Invincibles. Amazing. A coaching philosophy, the almost perfect team.

"He is one of the best managers in the history of football."

Currently, Mourinho and Wenger are both club less,  following the Portuguese's sudden but inevitable departure from the Red Devils earlier this season.

Video of Mourhino lashing out at Arsene Wenger

Wenger, on the other hand, left Arsenal at the end of last season, in a move many felt was overdue. After 22 incredible years in charge of the Gunners,  the Frenchman admits there is no certainty he will return to management.

In his own words: "My future is unknown. Even for me," said Wenger.

"I enjoy daily life now and I have been travelling a lot recently all over the world."

Legend that he is, Wherever or if ever, Wenger decides to Head a club again, it will be interesting to see his results. He created quite spectacular football while at Arsenal.

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