Prince Philip accident victim shocked aged Royal escaped prosecution

- 2/15/2019
Are the Royal family above the law? The woman involved in a car crash with The Duke of Edinburgh isn't thrilled by how the authorities handled the aftermath. She broke her wrist when the Duke pulled out in front of her car, and she cannot believe he has escaped prosecution.
Prince Philip Royal

“I don’t know if everyone would have been treated that way.” said 46 year old Emma Fairweather.

But the injured mum-of-two, who needed a metal plate in her arm, ad­­­­ded: “It’s not a shock, really.

“I think he surrendered his licence last weekend to avoid prosecution. He will have been heavily advised. The whole thing feels managed and controlled.”

According to the law, Prince Philip, the  97 old Royal, could have been charged with driving without due care and attention.

But that wasn't to be.  Yesterday prosecutors an­­­nounced no action will be taken due to his advancing age and his decision to give up his licence.

The accident occurred near the Queen’s Sandringham estate, Norfolk, about a month ago. Emma was a passenger in a Kia being driven by Ellie Townsend her friend, when the collision happened
Duke of Edinburgh Royal family

Fortunately, the driver of the vehicle Ellie, suffered cuts to her knee while her nine-month son escaped unhurt.

Surprisingly, The Duke wal­­­ked uninjured even though his Land Rover was overturned in the crash.

Yesterday police after considering her views about pressing charges, handed Emma a letter expl­aining the decision not to procecute.

But Emma was baffled by the decision. She said: “I don’t recall saying I didn’t want there to be a prosecution. I feel it’s putting some of the responsibility on me. It’s baffling.”

But The Crown Prosecution Service stood their ground saying: “We decided it would not be in the public interest to prosecute.”

This decision made Emma and many others wonder if there was one law for them and another for the Royals?

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