Roger Federer praises Rafael Nadal: He is a leader

- 2/12/2019
Tennis champion Roger Federer's sportsmanship is legendary. A favourite of players, fans and even the press, the Swiss hardly ever has a derogatory word to say about others. That is why his greatest rival and world number 2 Rafael Nadal receives nothing but praise from the 20 time Grand slam Champion.
Roger Federer tennis players
During an interview on Radio Marca Roger Federer commented on how it will feel to play the Laver Cup in Geneva from 20 to 22 September with Rafael Nadal for Team Europe

He praised his rival and friend for his glowing personality off court and tenacity on court.
 "I love having Rafa on the team.
He is a great player, super nice guy, winner mentality, I love the winner mentality, but he is also a leader so I learned a lot from him and he may have done the same, I am not sure but we already discussed about the Laver Cup in Australia together and I am very very happy that he decided to play, so can't wait",

The Swiss maestro also added he hopes that his compatriot Stan Wawrinka will play the three-year men's tennis event."

Team Europe's captain the iconic 11 time slam winner, Bjorn Borg also spoke about Nadal's inclusion: "I am very happy to have Rafa in Team Europe again. He played two years ago in Prague and he did well. This year I have both Rafa and Federer in the team, so it looks very good.
Rafael Nadal tennis players
Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer are rivals and friends

Of course, I want to have the best team. They have a good relation. Even if they are super competitive they are good friends, respect each other, and to see Rafa and Federer playing doubles in Prague was fun and you could see that.

To have them on the team helps a lot because they respect everybody and they had to help the team to get a team spirit and that's very important." Borg added: "The two players I spoke to first were Roger and Rafa.

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They immediately wanted to play. To come to Geneva in September is going to be a huge thing, so we’re all looking forward to it."

A time line of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal head to head  tennis rivalry

The first time these two ever played against each other was way back in 2004 when Nadal was ranked 34 and just a budding 17 year old. He beat Federer in the Miami Masters that year. But Roger got his revenge shortly after that the following year by defeating the Spaniard in a 5 set thriller in the same Masters championship.

Since then they have faced each other 35 times and Nadal leads Federer overall with a 23-15 record.

Of course Nadal, who is considered the greatest ever clay court expert had a clear advantage over Federer in French Open slam. He has a remarkable 5-0 lead against Federer in that clay court event. Meanwhile, in Federer's favorite of Wimbledon tournament, these two have only faced thrice with Federer leading overall 2-1.

It's incredible and inspirational to see the two greatest tennis champions and fiercest rivals to ever grace a court, play on the same team in the Laver Cup. Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are perfect examples of what tennis and sports in general is all about.


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