Heavywight Boxing Champion Deontay Wilder named world's most Popular Boxer

- 3/19/2019
Finally, Deontay Wilder, Also Known as the the "Bronze Bomber" is gaining the public recognition he has craved for years. His flashy and often garish character portrayal as the Bomber, does not take anything away from the fact that he is one of the most fearsome punchers in the world.
Deontay Wilder Boxing champion
And now, the 33 year old has been named the world's most popular boxer, a title that has quite alot to do with his last 12 Round bout with the GypsyKing.
Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury’s mega fight vastly boosted their popularity

According to ESPN’s ‘World Fame 100’ Sports Athletes are ranked based on three criteria: ‘Search Score’, endorsement earnings and social media following.
‘Search Score’ claims to measure how often a name is searched on Google from a weighted average of each name’s Google Trends peak score (how much he spiked on his most searched day).
Check out the scores and placement in the top 100 of all six boxers who made the list below.

World's most popular athletes in Boxing today

83rd position: Manny Pacquiao (15 Search Score – $2.5m Endorsements – 11.6m Social Following)

Manny Pacquiao is ranked as the sixth most famous boxer in the world

78th position: Gennady Golovkin (40 Search Score – $2m Endorsements – 3.4m Social Following)

Gennady Golovkin is ranked as the fifth most famous boxer in the world

68th position: Canelo Alvarez (44 Search Score – $2.5m Endorsements – 4m Social Following)

Canelo Alvarez is ranked as the fourth most famous boxer in the world

63rd position: Anthony Joshua (27 Search Score – $7m Endorsements – 7.7m Social Following)

Anthony Joshua is ranked as the third most famous boxer in the world
Anthony Joshua and deontay wilder boxing
Anthony Joshua is ranked 3rd most famous boxer

39th position: Tyson Fury (79 Search Score – $2.65m Endorsements – 21.5m Social Following)

Tyson Fury is ranked as the second most famous boxer in the world

34th position: Deontay Wilder (100 Search Score – $1.6m Endorsements – 2.5m Social Following)

As you can see, even though Deontay Wilder's Social Following and endorsement earnings are not as impressive as some on this list, His search score is a perfect 100, making him the world's  most famous boxer.


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