Top 8 sexiest male singers in the world

- 4/06/2019
Its no big secret: Some male artistes are simply hot!

And I'm not just talking about their talent in music.  I am talking about the whole package; Raw, and remarkable sex appeal.
Hottest male singer in the world
You should know, that it is't all about being a pretty face. Some of the sexiest male singers in the world have been able to achieve both outstanding music sales and skyrocketing popularity.

These are male artistes that have mind blowing talent and extraordinary good looks.  They simply exude an appeal that sets the ladies hearts racing, and inspire the guys too.

Record sales come with popularity and popularity grows with record sales. And some of these artistes set the bar high for excellence in the music industry. And their sizzling good look didn't do them any harm either.

Eye Candy and music of the gods.  Below is an impressive list with a curious mixture of hot new male singers, Iconic seasoned male artistes with evergreen public appeal, and the hot music show stoppers that make every song feel like an adrenaline shot. 

This is music and beauty at its best, by a collection of top rated male singing sensations.

Let's check out the 8 best male singers in music entertainment right now.
From number 8 to number 1, these chart topping artistes are a force to reckon with in the music industry.
Together they make up the most popular male singers in the world today.

 Let's see who they are.

Hottest male artistes In the world right now

Drake hottest male singers

8. Drake: 32 year old Canadian rapper Drake takes the 8th place on this list of  hottest male artistes on the planet. . Drake's popularity has soared even higher with his hit after hit over the years. . He is ranked amongst the best rappers in the world today. 

Taio Cruz hot male singers in the world
7. Taio Cruz: British/Nigerian singer and song writer and entrepreneur is one hot number. His unique voice, electrifying stage performances, and magnetic good looks make this 38 year old a sure bet for the 7th position on the list.

Nick Jonas hottest male singers

6. Nick Jonas: Number 6 spot on this list goes to 26 year old singer, actor and overall heart throb, Nick  Jonas. The Multi talented artiste is as hot as they come with memorable good look that you can live off on for days on end.

Usher sexiest male singers
5. Usher: Iconic Pop and Rnb sensation Usher, is the 5th hottest male artiste in the world. The 40 year old singer from Dallas Texas is blazing a trail of popularity and sex appeal. 

Justin Timberlake best male artistes
4. Justin Timberlake: We all noticed how cute he was even back when he was with popular pop band NSYNC. Talented Justin Timberlake has had an amazing career and it has paid off. The 38 year old former child star and boy band star is the 4th sexiest artiste on earth.

 Bruno Mars sexiest male singers
3. Bruno Mars: Bruno Mars is a multiple award winning artiste with several hit number one singles. But on this list, the 33 year old is one of the world's hottest male singers, and he sits snugly at number 3.

Justin Bieber hottest singers in the world

2. Justin Beiber: His music is captivating, his world tours are hits, and his fans and admirers are legion.  The 25 year old Canadian singer Justin Beiber shot to fame in 2007 through popular video and music sharing sites MySpace and Youtube. He is currently one of the most sought after male singers.

Enrique Iglaisis  Sexiest singers

1. Enrique Iglaisis: 43 year old Spanish heart throb Enrique Iglaisis is the most recognizable male artiste on the planet. The multi-platinum Latino pop idol is simply unstoppable.
Great music, good looks and great style certainly works wonders for these 8 hunks!

Without a doubt, they deserve to be called the world's sexiest male singers working today.

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